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International Fossil Dealer Terry Ciotka and Pangea Fossils Ltd. Defeat Frivolous Lawsuit Over Gigantic T-Rex Skeleton, Achieving A 100% Retraction and Apology

Terry Ciotka and Pangea Fossils Triumph in Lawsuit over T-Rex "Tristan"

LOS ANGELES, July 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- World renowned fossil dealer Terry Ciotka and his lawyer Mark Anchor Albert, Pangea Fossil Ltd. have achieved complete victory in the United States District Court for the Central District of California in a lawsuit brought by Robert "Butch" Vallee over the famous "Tristan" T-Rex.  Tristan is the third most complete T-Rex specimen in the world, and now stars as the main attraction of Berlin's famous Natural History Museum (Museum für Naturkinde).

In response to Mr. Ciotka's substantial counterclaims asserted in the T-Rex Lawsuit, the plaintiff has issued a public apology and formal retraction of all fraud claims asserted against Mr. Ciotka, who is innocent of them all. As stated by Mr. Vallee: all "claims and allegations of fraud and misrepresentation" by Mr. Ciotka "in fact and truth are without merit and should be dismissed in their entirety with prejudice" and, further, I "hereby publicly retract and disavow any statements, allegations, charges, and causes of action made against Terry Ciotka and Pangea Fossils, Ltd., that expressly or impliedly stated or suggested in any way that the Mr. Ciotka or his company, or any of them, engaged in fraud or unethical business practices, or any other improper conduct." 

Commenting on his victory, Mr. Ciotka stated that "I am pleased that truth and justice prevailed, and that my legal team, led by business litigator Mark Anchor Albert, was able to clear my good name of any suggestion of unethical conduct whatsoever."

For more information, please visit www.pangeafossils.com.

About Terry Ciotka and Pangea FossilsMr. Ciotka has an international reputation as one of the world's foremost fossil dealers. His specimens are always 100% legally acquired with all proper provenance and iron-clad documentation.  His fossils feature as star attractions at the Houston Museum of Science, Berlin Museum of Natural History, Children's Museum of Indianapolis, the Royal Tyrrell Museum, the Wyoming Dinosaur Center, the Lyon Museum of New Hamphire, and the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM).


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