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International Star Assia Ahhatt Tops US Charts With "If Only Tonight"

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwired - November 26, 2013) - Internationally acclaimed artist Assia Ahhatt has been rocking the national charts with her U.S. debut single, "If Only Tonight." The hit has been steadily making its way to the top of the Billboard's Hot Single's list -- currently sitting at number six -- as well as topping Digital Radio Tracker's (DRT) Top 50 Independent Chart for five weeks in a row.

"We work hundreds of records each year and haven't seen a talent as great as Assia Ahhatt in a long time. She's talented, she's beautiful and her single is very well produced!" said Mike Matthews of Dominion Global. "The video for 'If Only Tonight' just takes the song to a whole new level. Watch out America, Assia is here to stay!"

Born in the Ukraine, Assia has been an important figure in the European music scene for more than 19 years, and has been the recipient of many prestigious awards due to her virtuosity with the violin. Though her roots come from the classical music genre, Assia is a true modern artist with an evolving musical style. She has surrounded herself with many talented and diverse artists, such as GRAMMY Awards winners Kurt Elling and Chris Botti, and composer Eric Sierra. With this latest offering, recorded in the famous Westlake Studios in Los Angeles, she once again shows her eclectic style, combining electro-pop, classical music and the violin all in one memorable track.

When prompted about Assia's latest successes, Brad LeBeau, founder of PRO MOTION, enthuses, "Never before in the history of American popular music has there been a gorgeous, fashion-forward, violin virtuoso, who can sing and dance ... until now! Ukrainian-born Assia Ahhatt is a one-of-a-kind, quadruple threat, whose debut single, 'If Only Tonight' will be released in the U.S. as a remix by Ralphi Rosario in November."

Audiences can look forward to more of Assia soon. Having also set her sights on the Latin market, she is currently in the U.S. working on her next single, which will feature collaboration with one of the industry's top rappers. She will also be filming the music video for this new release early next year.

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