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International World News Announces Acquisition of Capital 9 News and Global Restructuring


International World News (“International”), a global holding company for national publishing companies, announced today the acquisition of the entire portfolio of Capital 9 News (“Capital 9”). The recently closed transaction was for $92 million in total consideration, including debt assumed.

Capital 9’s portfolio of subsidiary brands will be merged into International’s existing Securities Research department creating the combined and re-branded entity, Capital Publishing Group (www.CapitalPublishingGroup.com). As part of the transaction, the bulk of International’s Compliance and Back-office divisions will be vended into the new entity, forming one of the world’s premier securities research and reporting publishers. Concurrent to the acquisition and in a separate private sale, International has divested itself of the remainder of its non-financial media brands.

As a result, Capital Publishing Group emerges as a major financial news media holding company with several large nationally recognized publishers, a strong cash position and a portfolio of new flexible debt instruments to allow for non-dilutive funding of the next generation of international world financial news.

“This new acquisition further expands our portfolio of nationally recognized publishers,” said John Sanderson, head of the Securities Research department of International, now the chief operating officer of Capital Publishing Group. “Capital Publishing Group will be able to leverage an existing contact network, bring new synergies across client properties and blend expertise into new verticals moving forward. Internal teams, transition consultants and entire departments from International, Capital 9 and the newly formed Capital Publishing Group have been working together to ensure the success of this transaction, truly a testament to the quality and dedication of the entire team.”

The new Capital Publishing Group further reinforces dedication to increasing its global footprint and commitment to providing first class financial information distribution. The acquisition of Capital 9 as a highly qualified and established publications company will help accelerate the long-term vision and new direction of Capital Publishing Group over the next five years. As part of the integration, Capital Publishing Group welcomes a significant number of new staff including experienced and qualified analysts holding certified Chartered Financial Analyst® designations, registered financial professionals with Financial Industry Regulatory Authority® (FINRA®) BrokerCheck® certified designations, and several award winning financial journalists. This will allow Capital Publishing Group the opportunity to increase value to the readers it serves with the quality, size and scale to deliver rapid innovations in financial news and information distribution as well as scale faster and expand its impact to a wider range of markets.

“This, alongside other growth initiatives, places Capital Publishing Group as one of the fastest growing and most widely read dedicated financial news groups in the world,” stated Jim Patterson former head of public relations of Capital 9, now media manager of Capital Publishing Group press relations. “With incredible readership and engagement in the emerging markets, we now focus our attention towards the traditional financial markets of North America and Europe.”

About International World News

Since 2007, International World News has been a global holding company for national publishing companies. Through a variety of different services International World News delivers informative, quality content across print and digital platforms. A source of news and information, International World News dedicates itself to communicating an unbiased view of the world today. Building lasting relationships with some of the most sought-after audiences in the world, including money managers, sovereign funds and buy-side analysts, International World News has 14 offices spanning the globe and the ability to provide full content dissemination through a worldwide content distribution network. Through organic growth and strategic mergers and acquisitions International World News has emerged as the world’s best source for financial information by delivering to the right audiences with unparalleled quality and consistent reliability.

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About Capital 9 News

Capital 9 News is a provider of current market information for the general market place as well as being a go-to source for information dissemination. Established in 2005, Capital 9 News has been serving its main readership in Asia and other emerging markets. Capital 9 News has built its following through consistency, reliability, and passion in delivering the most relevant and up-to-date headlines. With extensive research and investigation through the most pertinent articles, reports, and commentary Capital 9 News is able to bring forward what readers want most – the bottom-line truth without distortion.

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