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The internet can't believe the balloons this grandmother bought for her granddaughter

This woman’s grandmother showed up to her party with quite a shocking bouquet of “birthday” balloons. (Photo: Twitter/Arihrih)

Birthdays can be full of surprises, whether good, bad, or straight up inappropriate. But it’s not usually grandma who comes up with the last category. For one woman’s 22nd birthday, however, it was her grandmother’s gift that made the most shocking statement of the night.

In a photo tweeted out by the birthday girl’s sister Ariana, their grandma is seen holding a bouquet of balloons that she kindly brought for her granddaughter, not realizing the messages on the balloons are, to say the least, wildly inappropriate.

“My grandma who doesn’t speak English showed up with some birthday balloons for my sister…” Ariana tweeted, letting the words on the balloons speak for themselves.

Their grandma is from Mexico, Ariana tells Yahoo Lifestyle, explaining that a language barrier was the reason behind the mixup. While the family later found out that the balloons were given to her as a gag gift during a white elephant gift exchange, they were able to piece together that she had assumed they said “Happy birthday” and “Celebrate!” — or something like that. Luckily, the friends and family at the party had a good sense of humor about it, and grandma did, too.

“At first, we were shocked to read what was printed on the balloons, but were immediately rolling on the floor laughing about it,” Ariana says. “[Our grandma] was initially confused as to why people’s reactions were so strong, as everyone was laughing. Once we had explained to her what the balloons said, she was definitely embarrassed and apologized to my sister, but there was no need, because my sister loved them.”

It seems safe to say that the balloons were a highlight of the night, and that this woman’s grandma is pretty epic.

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