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Internet challenge: picking the best sports venues in the world

Camp Nou in Spain is one of several venues featured in the latest internet challenge. (Getty)

Over the last couple of years, a trend described as “challenge culture” has developed on the internet where someone does something interesting and people try to copy or one-up the original content. Whether it’s the Running Man Challenge, Mannequin Challenge or r/nba’s recent 400 3-pointer Challenge, people can’t get enough of these internet competitions.

One of the newer iterations of this phenomenon, found on the ‘subreddit’ r/sports, is called the Stadium Challenge. Users have been posting their favorite sports venues from around the world – all while trying to out due the previous post, of course. Posts featuring breathtaking pictures of stadiums from Hong Kong, Germany, Portugal, South Korea and Tacoma, Washington – among other interesting locations – are currently consuming the first and second pages of the website.

Here are five of the most up voted venues from the series. Which one do you think is the best?

Braga Stadium in Portugal, posted by u/Sportfreunde. (Getty)
Husky Stadium in Seattle, posted by u/surreptitioussloth. (Getty)
The world’s highest tennis court in Dubai, posted by u/The_Collector4. (Getty)
Aker Stadion in Norway, posted by u/drivecartoabar. (Getty)
Green Point Stadium in South Africa, posted by u/CuddlyLiveWires. (Getty)

Check out the full full list here: https://www.reddit.com/r/sports/