Internet Forum Comment About Art Sells for $90,900 in eBay ‘Art’ Auction



Mark Rothko. Cy Twombly. Joan Miro. Some anachronistic artists manage to earn not just enormous bidding prices for their masterworks, but also scorn for abstractions and accusations that what they do is not art. Well, you can now add an anonymous 4chan user to that list of misunderstood savants.

An eBay auction for “Artwork by Anonymous,” which is a 4chan screenshot printed out on regular printer paper (pictured above), sold this weekend for $90,900 after 45 bids. The piece, if we’re really going to take this seriously, asks you to consider whether or not society has an eroded definition of what we cherish as art. Looking at this auction, we’re thinking it does.

This is the entire product description:

“This auction is for a One of a Kind work of art by Anonymous. This work is untitled. This item will be shipped in a frame for convenience.

“This artwork will be sold with no refunds accepted.”

No refunds sounds harsh, but it’s yet to be seen whether it’s a completely fraudulent auction or if the winning bidder intends on coming through.

Never has the potato salad Kickstarter, which closed this weekend at over $55,000 raised, seemed so practical.

This article originally appeared on Betabeat.