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An interview with Aristide Tofani, world famous Neapolitan Tailor and instagram star

NAPLES, ITALY / ACCESSWIRE / March 26, 2020 / Aristide Tofani is a third generational neapolitan tailor and designer of Sartoria Tofani, a Neapolitan tailoring house founded in 1954.
During the last few years, Aristide shared his "artist lifestyle" on Instagram and grew an incredible number of followers. We had the pleasure to interview Aristide and ask him about the worldwide success of his family business and their wonderful bespoke suits.

Founded in 1954 and famous in the whole world, how did this incredible legacy start?
Sartoria Tofani was founded by my grandfather Aristide in 1954 in the heart of the historical center of Naples. My grandfather, first tailor of the family, thanks to his passion and devotion to this wonderful art was able to become a respected master tailor. When he was very young he studied with the best master tailors in Naples and during many years of apprenticeship he was able to turn his passion in his dream job.

An art passed down through generations, what is the secret that let Sartoria Tofani reach 70 years of successful business?
There is no secret or magic pill, the thing that let our tailoring reach 70 years is the way we conduct our life. Since a young age, every family member that joined our sartoria was literally raised in the shop.
I still remember when I was just a kid and used to spend hours and hours in our ancient shop "playing" with needles, fabrics and scissors. The elegance, the love for bespoke garments is something that we had since we were just childrens. Passion apart, I think that being extremely professional and respecting every client let us keep the same clients for generations.

What makes a Tofani suit so special?
Our suits follow the rules of the real handmade neapolitan suits. For example, our typical jacket is very soft and light, it doesn't have excessive padding. This light structure allows the jacket to follow the client's body structure and make his silhouette look better. Very often people may think that a light jacket is supposed to make much wrinkles, but our jackets, even if very light, keep that clean and elegant shape without excessive wrinkling.

What do you like most about being a Tailor?
The thing I like the most about being a tailor is that I had the honor to learn one of the most ancient and worldwide respected arts. Thanks to my family art I'm able to create excellence, to make luxury suits completely shaped to our customers desires. Being able to satisfy the desires of the refined men, showing with our garments personality, reliability, passion and competence.

How did you become the manager of your family business at such a young age, do you think you have a special entrepreneurial spirit?
I think no one is born with an entrepreneurial spirit, but most of the times entrepreneurs develop it growing up, in my opinion since a young age the mix of experiences we go through and the environment we grow into do a lot to develop an entrepreneurial spirit but this is just 30% of the work. Developing an entrepreneurial spirit requires hard work every day. You have to do little things that "hurt" every day, it might be writing extra emails, it might be staying late at work, whatever it is. It's all about challenging yourself and pushing yourself. How you do anything is how you do everything, I challenge myself to be a person who does, instead of a person who talks about doing. Make a resolution every day of your life, and take action.

Sixteen fashion shows a year in New York, Hong Kong, Paris and Zurich, how did you grow your client base so much in such a short time?
Traveling the world has always been one of my dreams, and when this dream matched with the needing and the requests of our clients worldwide I just took action. Many famous and busy entrepreneurs or amateurs desired our luxury bespoke services but they were too busy to reach us in Naples, so I just made it simple for them, this is my idea of a luxury service.

Do you plan to increase your reach?
Yes, we have many requests from the US and Asia, so I'm working to start hosting frequent shows in the west coast (San Francisco, Los Angeles etc.) and in the main cities of Asia (Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing).

Contact Info
Sartoria Tofani
Email: sartoriatofani@gmail.com
Website: http://sartoriatofani.com/

SOURCE: Sartoria Tofani

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