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Interview with Christopher P. Bray, the Managing Director of the Florida Offices of Private Wealth Management Firm Willow Street Advisors, LLC.: Investment Strategies for Capital Preservation

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Companies include: Family Wealth Capital Preservation and Tax Management

In the following excerpt from the current Investing Strategies Report, an experienced money manager discusses his investing outlook:

TWST: Please introduce our readers to Willow Street Advisors with a history and background of the firm.

Mr. Bray: The firm is owned by three partners. Two of us are tax attorneys who grew up on Willow Street in Kent, Ohio. We formed the firm five years ago coming out of a large regional bank wealth management office, and our desire was to provide a boutique professional wealth management service to our clients that's unbiased and independent of any conflicts. We formed the firm at the very end of 2008 as an investment advisory firm, although we do wealth management, so we do investment management and we include family office-type of services, which would be income tax compliance, estate planning, a lot of succession planning for family-held business clients, family meetings.

Although we provide all those services, our main compensation is derived from assets under management. We have about $250 million under management, and that's about 40 client families. And we typically represent more than one generation, between two and three generations, in a normal relationship. So that's, in a nutshell, Willow Street Advisors.

TWST: Would you tell us about your overall philosophy or approach to investment management?

Mr. Bray: Our overall philosophy is definitely that the ongoing contact and ongoing relationship with the client is just as valuable to clients, if not more valuable, than just the investment management. When I say that, I say that to mean that investment return is very important to us and we want to exceed benchmarks for our clients; however, we have a very up front conversation with any prospective client that if they're really looking for investment return to drive all of their contact with the provider, then we're not the right fit.

Our number one goal is to preserve what clients have, so we're not taking crazy risks, and to grow it prudently...

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