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Interview with Matthew J. Cox, President and CEO, and Joel M. Wine, the Senior Vice President and CFO, of Matson, Inc. (MATX) Explain this 132 Year Old Hawaiian Shipping Company in the 2013 Top Fifteen CEO Interviews Report

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Topics covered: Top 15 CEO Interviews of 2013

Companies include: Mattson Inc. (MATX)

In the following excerpt from the Top 15 CEO Interviews of 2013 Report, an expert analyst discusses the outlook for the sector for investors:

TWST: Let's begin with a brief history of Matson, the services it provides and the core markets that it serves.

Mr. Cox: Matson has been serving Hawaii continuously for 132 years. Captain Matson first sailed from San Francisco to Hilo Harbor, kicking off the first of a regular service that has served us well to this day. A year ago, Matson separated from our longtime parent company, Alexander & Baldwin, to become a freestanding NYSE-listed company. Matson's longest serving and largest market is Hawaii.

Our U.S. West Coast to Hawaii service has been the core of our business. Matson also serves the U.S. West Coast to Guam and has operations which stretch from the U.S. West Coast over Guam into a number of mid-Pacific islands in Micronesia and the Marshall Islands, providing them an essential lifeline of services and cargo from the U.S. West Coast. Matson also has weekly services from three ports in Central China into Long Beach. Matson serves Xiamen, Ningbo and Shanghai, and has the reputation as the most reliable and fastest carrier out of those markets into the U.S.

TWST: Can you explain briefly the different types of vessels that you operate?

Mr. Cox: Matson owns 13 Jones Act vessels and four Jones Act barges. Matson also owns or charters a number of smaller foreign-flagged vessels that operate in the South Pacific or the mid-Pacific. Jones Act qualified vessels were built in U.S. shipyards and are crewed by U.S. citizens, making them eligible to trade between the U.S. West Coast and Hawaii under the auspices or a group of laws which are commonly known to be the Jones Act, which reserve shipping between U.S. ports to U.S. companies.

TWST: It's been a year since we've spoken. What's gone on with the company and the marketplace since then?

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