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Interview with Stanislav Uzunchev, Ethearnal Co-Founder

No matter if you are a freelancer, looking for a service or some kind of gig, you could use the platform. The idea of Ethearnal is to match supply and demand and create market equilibrium. We will learn more about Ethearnal from the company’s Director of Investor Relations and Business Development, John Nahas.
  • How was the idea of Ethearnal born?

I have been freelancing and making a living, working from anywhere in the world for the last 10 years. After a while, the gigs turned into a business, which was not manageable by one person. My experience with freelancing throughout the years and managing a business revealed to me all the problems that arise with the current freelancing platforms.

Centralization is currently one of the most significant problems. The middleman is taking your time, money, and making decisions instead of you. You are not currently able to be a “free” lancer at all. With the rise of the blockchain technology, came the possibility to create a fully decentralized freelancing platform and avoid the middleman, giving true power to the people, eliminating all the known problems.

  • Can you explain the concept of your product to the average person?

No matter if you are a freelancer, looking for a service or some kind of gig, you could use the platform. The idea of Ethearnal is to match supply and demand and create market equilibrium.

  • As the company is carrying out ICO, what has already been done and what are you going to create with the money collected by the ICO?

We have already started the development, but we want to create the best possible freelancing platform in the world, so it takes a lot of work. It could take a lot of resources like money and time to create the platform, and if we want to be a worldwide competitive we need the support from the community.

  • How does Ethearnal differ from similar services? How can your innovative service assist new economic developments and change the employment and human resource sector?

Currently, freelancing platforms charge approximately 20% of the cost of the project, and the fund’s release is slow and usually takes up to 30-60 days. Also, you need to follow all their rules, like you cannot communicate outside their platform and other limitations that make living and working together harder rather than easier. Our product is bringing a more convenient way for the people worldwide to work. Our vision is to create a platform where people can exchange services for crypto all around the world.

  • Ethernal will use DAICO for its crowdfunding token sale. How can it benefit your investors and the company’s projects?

Currently, the blockchain hype is bigger than ever. Hundreds of ICO are launching every month because people collect millions for simple ideas without even having products and everyone wants to get rich quickly. In the DAICO model, that we have called ICO 2.0 even before the Vitalik’s interview (and his paper with Truebit’s Jason Teutsch, December 2017), there are multiple security features implemented for the investors. Starting from the ICO launch, there is a dynamic hourly cap that prevents the whales’ investors and aims to spread the token as wide as possible. After the crowdsale, every token holder is part of the project because he or she can vote in the platform. With the ERT tokens, you can be a moderator, get higher listings or vote for a refund. Token holders are all in control of the project and the spending of the team. The idea behind all this is to create a decentralized and democratic organization rather than just rely on the team to complete the project without any guarantees.

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  • How can anyone join Ethearnal?

You can go to our website ethearnal.com and subscribe to the email list or join us on the social channels. Our community is most active on Telegram, where we have almost 15,000 people in the channel. If you want to participate in the pre-ICO, you should apply for the whitelist or wait for the public crowdsale on February 28th. During the first hour of our ICO, the smart contract accepts a maximum of 1 Ethereum (ETH) per person. Every transaction above 1 ETH will not be accepted. During the second hour, that cap is increased to 2 ETH and so on every hour until the end of the ICO.

This ensures that it is technically impossible for whales to cheat the small investors.

  • Why do you need Token Sale?

While most ICOs nowadays don’t need tokens and they can just use Ethereum, our platform is really in need. There are three major benefits of the Ethearnal Reputation Token (ERT).

1.ERTe collides reputation and economic initiative into one by tokenizing reputation and giving it value-the more ERT/reputation you have the more visible you are on the network and can participate in bigger projects.

  1. ERT is used as moderation and voting tool. Users stake tokens to solve disputes and be part of the managing community.

  2. The token provides profit sharing from the Ethearnal platform, so holders get a percentage of all the profit. For all the features you can check our whitepaper or https://ethearnal.com/#utility

  • What are your plans after ending of Token Sale?

Our product is already in development, and we have a public demo. Immediately after the ICO, we plan to expand our development team and build the final version that the people can start to use and solve all the freelancing problems we know. After this, we will release the mobile app of the platform, and build our community of users all over the world. We have not yet seen a better idea for a freelancing platform and we want to focus on active development and testing. We are confident that the product will speak for itself. The challenge after that would be to gather a large base of early adopters, inspire ambassadorship and effectively market the platform, ensuring a large user base, which provides a lot of different services and gigs.

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