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Interviewly Is a Beautiful New Way to Read Reddit AMAs in Chronological Order

Daniel Bean
Assistant Editor
Yahoo Tech

Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) forum has become the place where noteworthy individuals from all walks of life come to get interviewed by the web’s most inquisitive public community. It was via AMA that we all found out Bill Gates loves to do the dishes at home and that Jerry Seinfeld sometimes quotes lines from his own sitcom.

Now, in an attempt to make one of the most entertaining parts of the Internet even better, a new website called Interviewly has repackaged some of the most interesting reddit AMAs into easy-to-read, image-rich articles, including interviews from Barack Obama, David Copperfield, Joan Jett and more.

Interviewly does away with the comment-threaded formatting from the reddit AMAs. Instead, all the interview content has been fit into traditional blog-post or magazine-style layouts. The Q&A is presented chronologically, rather than by upvotes, and images of the interviewee are embedded throughout the page.

The site is broken up into categories of Film and TV, Music, Authors, Sports, Tech, Politics, and Other, which for now is unfortunately the only way to browse the site. There’s no search function yet — probably the one downside of using Interviewly to track down AMAs.

Interviewly was launched this week, and only select AMAs have been pulled from reddit thus far, but creator and curator Dan Drabik says he’s adding more all the time.

You can follow @interviewly on Twitter to be notified of the latest posted interviews.

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