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Intimidated by Flowers? Bloomthat Makes Sending Them Easy and Affordable

Nothing says “romantic” like a bouquet of flowers. But has your flower game become so predictable it elicits more eye rolls than swoons? It’s all about the details. Did you send the same bouquet and card last year? If to, it’s time to upgrade to a more modern method.

Bloomthat is an iPhone app (and website) that quickly and easily sends lovely, hand-curated bouquets to your sweetie without asking you to first decide between an anthurium and an alstroemeria. (Sure, there may be people out there who love fiddling with that kind of stuff. You just want to send some pretty flowers to your heartthrob.) The service offers just a few choices here, all of them wrapped up pretty in burlap, tastefully pulled together by someone who knows what they are doing and then sent quickly. You just pick the one that fits your price and aesthetic and off it goes. In some cities, the blooms are delivered within 90 minutes by bicycle, but the company also launched overnight delivery nationwide last week.

I got you $5 off for Valentine’s Day. Just choose your bouquet and use the code YAHOOBLOOMS before February 16. 

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