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Introducing Adviise: A One of a Kind Digital Healthcare to Provide Real-Time Bookings and Comparison Shopping for Patients and Healthcare Providers

NEW YORK, Jan. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Adviise (https://adviise.com) recently announced the launch of its online platform, while issuing an invitation for all U.S. medical providers to visit and begin creating a profile. Adviise is a new medical service provides access to real-time provider availability and a verified review portal. Adviise will subsequently be offering streamlined mobile apps, telemedicine services, and price comparison.

"We started Adviise because of the serious lack of transparency in the healthcare process," said Adviise Founder, Alexi Alizadeh. "Patients often have a long back and forth with doctors' offices just to get an appointment scheduled, and even after it's been confirmed, they are still in the dark as to what it's going to cost them. The opaqueness of these interactions is a frustrating experience for both consumers and providers."[JS1] 

Adviise is the first platform to enable efficiency by allowing patients to compares services, providers, and healthcare costs in one place! As a powerful search platform, Adviise is now in the process of aggregating a wide variety of healthcare-related groups: physicians, healthcare practitioners, clinical practices, etc., into a database which is now already available to the public.

Adviise: Consumer Advantages

Consumers have become accustomed to online bookings for services such as restaurant reservations, hotel rooms, and plane tickets. They can often compare availability and pricing, and book in real-time. This kind of transparency and convenience is severely lacking in the healthcare industry. While some health systems allow for online bookings, this data is siloed and requires users to visit numerous websites and portals to do basic comparison. Adviise specifically targets these issues by providing:

  • The ability to compare providers across insurance networks, practices, and hospitals, leveraging customer ratings and estimated wait time aggregated from appointment data.
  • Secure, real-time, medical appointment booking with automated appointment reminders and follow ups.
  • An in-depth review system that focuses on accountability. Customer reviews are based on each physician's National Provider Identifier (NPI) number, rather than just a physical address – so patients and providers can be assured that reviews are accurate and provider specific.

Bloating healthcare costs are also a major hurdle to efficient care. For example: a simple procedure like a blood test or X-ray often involves referrals, multiple physician visits, resulting in multiple copays. A lack of transparency, or basic comparison shopping, further inflates these costs. However, as more providers sign up for the platform Adviise will be able to integrate cost and pricing data into its search results. This means for the first time ever users will have a platform that enables them to comparison shop their medical services.

"Real-time appointments are only the beginning," says Adviise CTO, Joshua Sosso. "Once that information silo is broken down it's going to open up a new world of possibilities. Users are going to have access to data that will make the healthcare process way more transparent and easier to work with."[JS2] 

Adviise: Physician Advantages

Practicing medicine has become harder and harder on providers. As a result of industry and regulatory changes, they have seen their compensation decrease significantly, even though their overhead has remained the same. Many physicians cannot make this work.

Our solution would significantly reduce administrative costs related to scheduling and result in better acquisition and retention for the physician and better outcomes for the patient.

We provide Physicians with access to a vast patientbase, allowing them to communicate their hours, pricing, and services. By creating an Adviise profile, physicians, distinguished by the multi-tiered patient review portal, can then begin confirming appointments, sending automated text and email reminders to patients, and collecting feedback.

As our userbase grows, Adviise will bring you:

  • Collecting payment
  • Digital registration forms
  • HIPAA-compliant telemedicine appointments
  • Secure and automated portal for fulfilling medical record requests

Adviise: Creating Transparency in the Healthcare Space

The U.S. healthcare market is a multi-trillion dollar industry, yet ranks 27th globally in healthcare outcomes. In addition, data leaks continue perforate, leaking highly sensitive patient data, further eroding consumer confidence across the industry as a whole.

Transparency is imperative for customer confidence and improving outcomes. Subsequent roll-out features of Adviise will proceed in stages for the next 24 months. To stay informed and learn more, please visit: www.Adviise.com.

Media Contact:

Alexi Alizadeh, CEO


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