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Introducing Bambini Furtuna: A Children's Collection Of Natural Wellness Products Enhanced By Rituals

Reimagining Children's Wellness Through a Holistic Approach Using Old World Ingredients and Rituals with the Advancements of Modern Science

NEW YORK, Jan. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Bambini Furtuna is launching a plant-based collection of baby and children's wellness and skincare products developed with the purest ingredients, avoiding all unnecessary chemical additives or fillers. Bambini Furtuna is dedicated to giving little ones the strong, healthy start they deserve to help ease pain, and promote health with natural solutions that empower parents to help their children feel better and live better. Each product is designed to help stimulate and accelerate a child's natural healing process.

Bambini Furtuna Collection Range

Sparked by a series of conversations between Co-Founders, international model, and mother of four, Agatha Relota Luczo and her renowned pediatrician, Dr. Alan Greene, Bambini Furtuna is Mom-Driven, Doctor-Aligned. The brand inspiration came from learnings they both shared as parents and the desire to have natural, organic remedies to reduce the use of unnecessary antibiotics.

The brand launches with nine innovative natural wellness solutions each created to alleviate specific health concerns such as earaches, bug bites, irritated eyes, restless sleep and more. All products are crafted with nontoxic, paraben-free, synthetic fragrance-free, cruelty-free and GMO-free FDA registered formulas, to ensure they are safe for babies starting at the age of six months and up. Each clean wellness product is allergy tested and excludes the "no-no's" from ingredient lists compiled by EU and US regulatory authorities, as well as databases from Environmental Working Group. If something isn't 100% baby-safe, it isn't Bambini-worthy.

"As a brand we are providing the tools that work with the body's natural ability to heal itself, and help kids feel better in a way that is in sync with their body," says Agatha Relota Luczo. "I've always been a fan of natural, organic remedies for my kids, and I'm so proud of the work we've done to develop these scientifically based, gentle remedies for kids. I cherish the quality time spent with my children during their daily rituals and am excited to share that with other families."

Under Dr. Greene's guidance and with support of Relota Luczo, powerful herbal combinations are selected for each condition and the safest, most effective formulations needed for a child's body is calculated. These natural wellness solutions make children feel better through rituals and pure ingredients from Sicily.

"For Bambini Furtuna to be most impactful, it is important for parents to connect with their child and be a part of the healing process. Parents themselves are powerful medicines," says Dr. Greene. "There is no pain medication you can give to a child with a skinned knee that works as quickly as a smile or kiss from Mom or Dad. It's through each Bambini Furtuna ritual application process, that children can start to understand their bodies and can build the positive associations that speed them on their way to feeling better."

Bambini Furtuna products are developed with an exclusive propriety blend of efficacious wellness oils harvested from centuries-old olive trees originated from Sicily on La Furtuna Estate. Each product harnesses the power of medicinal trees and plants highly developed with natural defense systems to strengthen your child's own. Each formula combines potent therapeutic plants, wild-foraged herbs and the Estate's ultra-nourishing, Sicilian extra-virgin olive oil.

Bambini Furtuna will be available January 15, 2020 on BambiniFurtuna.com and on Maisonette.com beginning January 20, 2020 with prices ranging from $32-$38. Find us and share your rituals @bambinifurtuna.


  • Itchy Eye Solution (1.0 oz, $36):
  • Bye Bye Itchy Skin (1.0 oz., $36):
  • Boo Boo Be Gone (0.5 oz., $32):
  • Sneezy and Tickly Nose Care (0.5oz, $32):
  • Stuffy Nose and Cough Care (0.5oz, $32):
  • Dreamy Hush Time (0.5oz., $32):
  • Soothing Tummy Love (0.5oz., $32):
  • Ear Trouble Helper (0.5oz., $32):
  • Ear Pain Rescue (0.5oz., $38):

About Bambini Furtuna:
Bambini Furtuna offers innovative wellness remedies and rituals for children, made with potent, pure organic ingredients from La Furtuna Estate in Sicily to give parents peace of mind. Their plant-based ingredients have been used for centuries to treat minor maladies and are met with modern science to create innovative formulations. The brand is founded by mother of four and organic devotee, Agatha Luczo and world-renowned pediatrician, Dr. Alan Greene, along with clean beauty pioneer Kim Walls. Under Dr. Greene's guidance, the perfect formulations for a child's body is calibrated, using the most effective combinations of herbs to treat each condition. From allergy aid to digestion relief, all formulas are FDA registered. The product range excludes the "no-no's" from ingredient lists compiled by EU and US regulatory authorities, as well as databases from Environmental Working Group. For more information, visit BambiniFurtuna.com.

About La Furtuna:
From La Furtuna comes a suite of luxury brands made with ingredients sourced from the farm in Sicily. Bona Furtuna makes award-winning olive oils, pasta sauces, artisan salts and more. Bambini Furtuna offers natural wellness products for children's health to give parents peace of mind. Furtuna Skin brings unparalleled performance to natural skincare with wildly potent botanicals that transform skin.

To shop and learn more, visit BambiniFurtuna.com.

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