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Introducing a Blockchain-free Cryptocurrency Based on Cluster Models

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / July 3, 2018 / With an aim to replace the ICO Funding Model, DICE has emerged as a next generation cryptocurrency, providing a universal platform for businesses to raise funds through the crowd- supported cryptocurrency mining. DICE combines cryptocurrency and money while eliminating their limitations. Users dealing in the DICE economy find it similar to a secured virtual handshake, verified by a witness.

Introducing the Cluster Model

For the first time in cryptoverse, DICE has introduced the 'Cluster Model', which identifies groups of similar records and labels the records according to the groups. An interesting part of this model is that its process is carried out without prior knowledge about the groups and characteristics.

Another distinguishing factor of this Model is the absence of predefined output or target field for the model to predict.

Utilising Cluster Model in DICE

In DICE, a large number of unconnected peers work within a singular global network. Unlike the typical blockchain structure where a single ledger is maintained, here, a separate ledger is maintained by every operator - private or public in nature.

The cluster model in the DICE economy also facilitates 'Investment Mining', where miners own the units they've mined. The miners are free to choose the operator for whom they will mine, which makes an investor out of every miner. The model has brought forth abundant options for miners within the economy, while the operators as well, get to self-fund their business or social cause.

DICE has brought stability to the market and optimum confidentiality in the cryptomarket by providing the ability to hold DICE in physical format and mine offline, eliminating the requirement for a digital wallet. Undoubtedly, DICE has the potential to replace traditional currency in a shock-free implementation, that can work simultaneously for individuals as well as businesses.

Added benefits

There is no transaction fee associated with the DICE model. Miners get an in-built motivation to generate units which can be traded for goods and services. All the DICE mined on the behalf of the operator can be used as a collateral in future deals. It is customizable for transparency and privacy.With all of this, DICE is bringing a new revolution for every individual that has ever aimed to start their own business venture.

You can read the whitepaper at https://dice.money/docs/Dice_Money_Whitepaper.pdf

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