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Bob Marley marijuana goes global

Nicole Goodkind
Nicole Goodkind

Since Bob Marley’s death in 1981 his image has been used to sell everything from coffee beans to t-shirts, headphones, beverages, even dolls. Now you can add legal marijuana to the list.

The Rastafarian crooner's estate made $20 million last year, 33 years after his death, and with his new cannabis line dubbed Marley Natural set to hit the market his net worth might get a lot… higher. There already are pot products out there capitalizing on Marley's long association with marijuana, but this will be the first official line of Marley-branded pot.

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Marley Natural is a partnership between Marley’s family and Privateer Holdings, a private equity firm that specializes in the cannabis industry and thinks the Marley Brand of pot has the ability to become the Starbucks of Marijuana. The company will be based in New York City and will begin shipping “heirloom Jamaican cannabis strains” to areas where pot is now legal by the end of 2015. The company will also sell marijuana and Bob Marley-inspired creams, lotions and accessories.

Privateer Holdings estimates that the marijuana industry around the world is worth between $150 and $200 billion dollars. The firm says this is the launch of the first global marijuana brand and marks a big change for the industry.

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As for Marley, he died of cancer at age 36 without a will, leaving some question over who owns his record collection and image. In 2011 Billboard estimated that illegal or pirated trade in Marley’s music and merchandise was worth $600 million per year.

Marley’s daughter, Cedella, says that this is an “authentic way to honor his legacy by adding his voice to the conversation about cannabis and helping end the social harms caused by prohibition.”

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