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Introducing Breadware Marketplace

Breadware aims to become the world's most trusted source for businesses to plan, build and launch IoT products

RENO, Nev., May 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Taking an idea and turning it into a tangible, complex product is no easy feat. From start to finish, coordinating all the moving parts and people can prove difficult for even the most experienced product development professionals. The expanding global demand for smart, connected, IoT products adds another layer of complexity to the process. Not anymore.

Breadware founders Danny DeLaveaga and Daniel Price at their headquarters in Reno, Nevada.

Today, the first-of-its-kind professional services marketplace has launched: Breadware.

Breadware is an online B2B marketplace that makes the process of developing an IoT product simple. Now, businesses can visit Breadware for assistance in planning, building and launching their IoT products. Aiming to be the go-to resource for all product development teams and designers, Breadware vets and aggregates trusted resources and IoT service providers to offer reliable options to customers at each step of the product development journey.

"McKinsey estimates that IoT will generate $13Tn in value over the next 5 years, and last year alone, businesses spent $1Tn on IoT," said Breadware Co-Founder Daniel Price. "IoT is keeping corporate leaders up at night, with over 80% of them listing IoT as 1 of their top 3 strategic initiatives for the year. The actual process of building these IoT products is complex, and almost always outside the core competencies of these businesses. Breadware exists to make IoT simple, to make IoT accessible, and to make IoT successful."

Breadware fosters a rich community of individuals and organizations who want to see this new frontier of technology used to create meaningful, lasting impact in our businesses and our world. In addition to creating an intricate marketplace of engineers and designers, Breadware further encompasses specialists in IoT product branding, marketing, web development, and crowdfunding, among others.

"On Breadware, companies can explore existing products to see what is possible, find best-fit resources to support them on their product development journey, and get support at each step of the way," said Breadware Co-Founder Danny DeLaveaga. "Breadware alleviates the headache of finding the right partners for developing a smart, connected product. When you consider that last year alone, 75% of companies that tried to build IoT products failed, it's clear that this new solution is necessary. Breadware will allow more IoT projects to go right."

To learn more about the Breadware Marketplace, visit www.Breadware.com. For media inquiries, contact Kerry Sutherland at kerry@ksutherlandpr.com or 775-360-6101.

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