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Introducing BUMENO -- "The Pulse of Impulse" -- Startup Launches Instant, No Hassle Mobile Purchasing App; For Retailers -- A New Way to Leverage Impulse Buying and Spur Profits

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwired - Mar 11, 2014) - BUMENO, a new mobile app available on iOS and Android devices, debuts today, offering consumers a safe, reliable way to shop anywhere, anytime for nearly anything via smartphone, and make their purchase in seconds with a single click on a four-digit number.

TELEBrands, a leading TV infomercial company serving customers in 120 countries, now offers the convenience and simplicity of using BUMENO. But wait -- there's more!

Hatched over coffee at Starbucks, BUMENO in appreciation is offering customers a $10 Starbucks cards at half-price for just $5 for a limited time as an incentive to try out the application.

Speeding and simplifying the sales transaction process, BUMENO does away with dialing 800 numbers, waiting on-hold for call center operators, and risking fraud and ID theft by revealing credit card numbers.

Customers now have an exciting and satisfying array of choices to immediately buy what they want, in the instant they want it. They can quickly key in a BUMENO code for an item seen on TV, click the BUMENO code in a product displayed on their smartphone, or -- at the touch of a screen -- buy direct from BUMENO's network of retailers spanning a range of consumer interests. The purchase is verified and paid instantly through Paypal servers, and the item is en route.

Infomercial advertisers and businesses selling their own products are primary retail outlets for BUMENO. By eliminating the call center middle man, retailers win the customer's business while the ad is still top of mind -- and before he or she loses interest and hangs up due to typical 5 to 8 minute on-hold times.

All retailers stand to gain from leveraging BUMENO's ability to leverage buyer impulse in the moment, and -- unlike mobile app stores -- BUMENO is easy, quick and free to use with any retail website. Even stores without a website can take advantage of this opportunity by simply listing their full suite of products on BUMENO.

"BUMENO gives small businesses and local vendors a never-before-seen opportunity to display their entire inventory online, ready to purchase anywhere in the U.S., any time," said BUMENO President Drazen Alcocer. "For buyer and seller alike, BUMENO is the 'pulse of impulse.'"

Alcocer added, "BUMENO answers three critical issues that until now have undermined customer satisfaction and retail industry profits at a time of heightened concern over credit card hacking. Consumers want to know -- 'Why wait on hold when I'm ready to buy?' and 'Am I at risk of credit card and identity fraud?' Retailers ask -- 'Why lose sales by detouring customers through a call center?' BUMENO eliminates all three issues."

BUMENO is available for retailers and consumers at www.bumeno.com. The company is an enterprise of iFederated.