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Introducing Buying.com’s On-demand Delivery System

·3 min read

New Jersey, United States, July 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Over the years, a lot of people have been looking to start their own small business, as doing so right now is easier than ever. Since making websites has gone from days upon days of coding to a few drag-and-drop sessions, it has become very easy for people to get creative and start their own online stores, and start offering their unique products to the world.

However, this process still has one obstacle that cannot be so easily overcome, and that is the quality of delivery. If you have ever ordered something and had to wait for days, weeks, or even months for it to arrive — you are likely well-aware of the problem. But, you are not the only one stressed out by this late arrival of the ordered items. The seller is, too, as the delivery service they employ is typically not their own, but a third-party service.

That means that they have no control over their speed, reliability, or methods of caring for the package while it travels the world to your door. However, like so many other industries, the arrival of the blockchain technology aims to disrupt even the delivery sector, and make it better, faster, more transparent, more secure, and more reliable, overall. This is the task that Buying.com has taken upon itself to complete.

What is Buying.com?

Buying.com is a new company that uses the power of blockchain technology to offer ODDS — On-Demand Delivery System. Essentially, whenever someone wishes to send something, they can simply fill out a short form and offer a delivery job. A driver would then accept the route, pick up the package, and deliver it to its final destination.

However, this is different from other delivery services, as it provides businesses with a competitive edge, as it brings a lot more benefits and advantages than a simple delivery. Buying.com allows users to send the package anywhere, whether it is one mile away from the seller or hundreds of miles. It makes it easy for sellers to hire the drivers, and it lets both the buyer and the seller track the package as it travels by offering direct communication with the driver.

Sellers can also receive their buyers’ contact information, which makes it easy for them to share special offers, events, promotions, and alike, directly with their customer. It is all done through a very simple, yet advanced interface that puts the driver in the palm of your hand.

It also spares the seller from having its own drivers on a payroll. Doing so is very expensive for businesses, as they also need to pay drivers when there are no deliveries to make, and there is no way to help them out during particularly busy days. It also increases the reliability of delivery, and, if the project continues to grow and develop as it did until now, it would be possible to make worldwide deliveries in only a couple of hours.

With Buying.com offering long-range deliveries, it is also very easy for businesses to expand their customer base, and service people across the country, or even go international as their business continues to grow.

There is also 24/7 live support, and the cost of deliveries is significantly reduced. In fact, the project offers you to save 50% on delivery by taking orders via your smartphone, and not having to worry about marketing fees that 3rd parties tend to charge. It is now easier than ever to become not only the manufacturer and seller of your products, but also to deliver them in a record amount of time and keep the customer happy, thus improving your business and its reputation. Buying.com is quickly becoming a go-to service for deliveries, and is becoming the Uber or AirBnb of supply and logistics.

The token offering will be launched on July 14th, 2021 at 9:00 AM PST in collaboration with TrustSwap. More information can be found in the recent TrustSwap Medium article.

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