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Introducing ENO Token - A New Crypto Created for the Wine Environment

·3 min read

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO / ACCESSWIRE / July 19, 2021 / The cryptocurrency industry has been spreading rapidly ever since it came to be. However, while many have been expecting it to become a hot topic, or maybe even a dominant asset in the financial industry, and multiple closely related industries, that's not where its growth stopped. In fact, it is actually quite surprising just how far the crypto sector is reaching these days.

Originally, cryptos started offering financial services like trading, investing, transacting, and alike. Then, it started spreading to things like gaming, the adult industry, gambling, supply chains, real estate, collectibles, and more.

With the arrival of DeFi, the attention seemingly returned to digital finance, but the industry also continued to spread in other directions, which led to the creation of tokens such as the ENO token.

What is the ENO Token?

ENO token is a new, upcoming digital currency that is about to hold its presale in mid-July 2021. The token was specifically created for the wine environment, and it will be used for goods and services, produced by the environment itself.

The token was created for the wine enthusiasts, and generally for people who savvy the importance of balancing time, care, and guidance, with the goal of achieving the crisp, sophisticated level of result, as the project itself specifies.

Essentially, this is the first Ethereum-based token focused on wine, and it plans to revolutionize the wine ecosystem. It will provide access to some of the best vineyards, events, and wine tastings, as well as wines themselves from all over the world. It is even possible that users will be able to use the token for payments.

The project also noted that the ENO token will enable direct commerce of the world's best wines, and that token holders will even receive discounts. Meanwhile, the token will also serve as a medium of payment in vineyards, hotels that will be partnered with the project, wine tasting, and alike.

The token will also be useful for collectors who enjoy collecting wine. The project has plans to use it in auctions, as an NFT, as well as for purchases, trades, and for the creation of a large collectors web that will encompass wine enthusiasts from all over the globe. Collectors will also be able to exchange the finest wines directly from the vineyards producers, complete with verification, authentication, and provenance. All of it will, of course, be stored on blockchain, which is transparent and immutable, meaning that there will be no room for any sort of tricks.

Another benefit of holding the token is that holders will have an advantage against everyone else when it comes to the new harvests. Holders will be able to buy new products before the general sale, and at a discount, at that. And, once they decide not to be token holders anymore, they can always redeem their tokens for fine wines, also with a generous discount. Naturally, users can also exchange the tokens for other cryptos in the project's own DEX.

The Growth of Drink-Oriented Cryptos

The use of a cryptocurrency for this kind of thing is not exactly surprising or new - there were tokens tied to drinks created in the past, such as whiskey. One project had a batch of whiskey tokenized upon creation, with the expectation that the token's price will grow as the drink gets older and more valuable and rich in flavor.

Still, this is the first token to take it this far with wine, and as such, it can serve as a beacon attracting wine enthusiasts from all around the world.


Alberto Fernández
Eno Crypto Advisor


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