Introducing WorldCupFi - The Ultimate Fan Token with Advanced Mechanism with real-time betting for World Cup 2022.


Singapore, Nov. 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- World Cup Fi is a project supporting World Cup 2022 but with extra fantastic mechanisms that will generate profit and entertain investors. The main feature in WCF is real-time betting for World Cup 2022.

World Cup Fi has its governance token as $WCF that will run along with World Cup 2022, and beyond that with these endless features: Betting, NFTs, PvE, and Lucky Spin.

The whole project can be simply explained: Buy the Mystery Ball that opens for random NFTs, then you use the NFTs to join their cool features and get rewards. The exclusive thing that only available in World Cup Fi is that rewards payouts for their Games will be stablecoin $BUSD.

World Cup Fi Gaming

$WCF team is developing an On-chain betting app where users can bet directly using a DeFi wallet of their choice. Those funds stay in the smart contract unless the winner is declared by fetching data using Oracle and the winning amount gets distributed among winners as per their stake.

WCF is fully decentralized meaning no-one can change anything after the bet is placed.

$WCF platform is mainly about betting for World Cup 2022. Their platform will feature staking rewards and offer incentives for staking to receive portions of the rake. The Peer-to-Peer betting pools will be transparent, and the house will only collect a portion of the rake.

What is World Cup Fi NFTs?

World Cup Fi NFTs is the most important feature in the project. It contains 32 NFTs total representing star players from each country team competing in World Cup 2022 this November.

NFTs will have 3 levels of ranking from highest to lowest: Goat, Elite, Pro. The higher the NFTs mean the rarer it gets when opening the ball, however, it will pay out significantly more token than the lower NFTs when you play the games.

Here is one of NFTs from the highest level: Goat class, and I bet everyone reading this also know him: Lionel Messi, and other stars from Elite and Pro classes.

You will be using NFTs for most of the things in World Cup Fi including: PvE Game, Lucky Spin and Betting. All of these will be rewarded out stablecoin $BUSD, betting will also have stablecoin rewards.

NFTs Burning Mechanism

World Cup Fi has the outstanding dev team who solved the hardest problem of all failure projects: Anti-Inflation.

They have the Golden Cup, which is used to play the games. You swap NFTs directly to Golden Cup. Then these NFTs will be burned. Problem solved! Inflation and drastic price dump gone.

This is like a very promising project, they haven’t even launched yet, so they are at such a very early stage. Don’t miss it.

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