Intuitive Online Wealth Management Platform Launches for 'Prillionaires'

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London, United Kingdom--(Newsfile Corp. - October 31, 2022) - Fintech pre-seed start-up Prillionaires is set to launch a revolutionary new app that can map and track net wealth.

The intuitive global platform allows users to link, sync and monitor several bank accounts both in the US, UK and overseas, investment accounts, retirement funds, stocks, crypto wallets and more, to calculate their net worth in real-time.

London-based husband and wife team Laszlo and Krisztina Peter are behind the new next-generation wealth tracker and net worth calculator app and the partnering new website

Chief marketing officer Krisztina said: "If you have multiple bank accounts, cars and properties, that doesn't necessarily mean you are rich as they don't equate to wealth if you have mortgages and loans too. What you still need is an aggregated overview of your assets and debts.

"We've defined a 'prillionaire' as someone who has several bank accounts across borders, has retirement funds, different kinds of investments, properties and perhaps a crypto wallet. They belong to or will soon be part of an elite affluent community - and most importantly, they have the desire to be a millionaire.

"Anyone interested in living a luxury lifestyle and learning financial literacy will also enjoy our new website and Prillionaires app, which are designed to support people who want to grow financially or learn financial literacy and manage their wealth themselves.

"Our goal is to make it easier for people to manage their finances - assets and liabilities - without borders, in one centralised place, that they can access wherever they may be in the world."

The app will give users a consolidated overview of their net worth in less than two minutes.

It is secured by regulated Open Banking and military-grade encryption, and will be accessed via desktop or mobile.

Krisztina added: "The world has never been wealthier-with large variations across countries and households. In the meantime, inflation and cost of living prompt a wealth literacy crisis, and retirement uncertainty.

"Research shows that Millennials will hold five times as much wealth as they have today and the group is anticipated to inherit over 68 trillion dollars from their Baby Boomer parents by the year 2030, so having the knowledge in place to motivate our visitors to step up and manage their wealth themselves."

Anyone who signs up will receive exclusive free Early Access Premium Membership

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