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Investing in Adiabatic Quantum Computing: a Wall Street Transcript Interview with the CEO of Harris and Harris Group (TINY)

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Topics covered: Consistent BDC Dividend Yield - BDC Risk/Reward Profile - Higher Dividend Yields - Business Development Companies Historical Overview

Companies include: Harris and Harris Group (TINY)

In the following excerpt from the Business Development Companies Report, the CEO of Harris and Harris Group (TINY) discusses the investing philosophy for this publicly traded venture capital company:

TWST: How would you explain your interest in quantum computing with the announcement regarding D-Wave and its novel way of making quantum computers?

Mr. Jamison: D-Wave is probably one of the most exciting companies in the portfolio. It's maturing and developing very well. D-Wave is a classic early-stage investment in that the probability of success was low when we first invested, but the return potential could be exceedingly high if it is able to execute on its business plan.

D-Wave has been executing on its business plan. D-Wave has produced the world's first commercial adiabatic quantum computer. That's a very interesting and unique investment opportunity. D-Wave's computer can solve problems that no other computer can solve, and it can solve many problems faster than a classical computer. It has proven effective at solving protein folding problems in the life sciences, machine learning problems and Ramsey (m, n) problems. I think there are and will always be skeptics, and that is healthy, but D-Wave has been publishing in the top scientific journals, and recently other researchers have been demonstrating the success of its novel computer.

Additionally, D-Wave has customers Lockheed Martin and Google beginning to use its technology and publicizing their excitement at the results. With its burgeoning commercial success, its recent oversubscribed financing and the management team it has attracted, we are getting excited that D-Wave has the potential to be a game changing investment for Harris & Harris Group.

TWST: Is your business model really an I.P. business model?

Mr. Jamison: Harris & Harris Group's business model is to build transformative companies from disruptive scientific discoveries. When we are successful, we are rewarded with asymmetric investment returns that come from building companies that did not previously exist. We are not looking for incremental returns but exponential returns...

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