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What Investment Theme Suits You?

John Blank

I am in charge of a quarterly Chief Investment Officer survey here at Zacks.  We seek their input since managing a large capital fund, holding a CFA designation, and carrying multiple years of professional experience into a debate can make a big difference to the quality and the tone of the insights. 

We finished the polling a few weeks ago. In June.  Before the start of Q2 earnings season looked like a good time to tap these leaders.  We got their fresh, forward-looking insights into the state of the markets and investing in about 12 questions.

In one question, we asked the CIOs to name a few current investment themes that look attractive inside these markets.

Investment themes haven't been discussed in a Real Time Insight for awhile.  I thought this morninng would be a good time to have that discussion.

The investment themes they identified:

(a) Defensive and Income Oriented Value Stocks 

(b) High Quality Large Cap U.S. Growth Stocks

(c) Info Tech and Drug Stocks

(d) Growth and Industrial Stocks

(e) Other

Tracking successful themes driving the market'sbig institutional buyers can be one attractive way to locate a new investment.

My RTI post today asks all of you this.  You can choose from the laundry list above, or add your own.

What investment themes do you find most attractive entering this Q2 earnings season?


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