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Investments Wants to Be the Main Platform for People to Learn About How to Grow Their Assets and Achieve Financial Freedom: Learn More

·4 min read

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 4, 2021 / Everyone wants to achieve the long-awaited financial freedom. They want to do the things they want to do, when they want to do it, without thinking if the money they have in the bank account is enough or not.

But what is necessary to accomplish this is to know how to make money multiply and work for itself. To help with that, there are companies like Investments, which help people achieve financial freedom even by just following their Instagram.

"We simply love financial markets and we love to spread what we know. We strive to simplify any sector we enter. We think we've done a good job so far with @investments. Followers contact us regularly to tell us that our free advice and outlook on life has already made them earn money." Evan Boser of the Investments team says.

Investments wants to be the Google of the financial sphere. They want to be the main platform people go to in order to learn about how to grow their assets and have fun doing it.

"Google worked so well because it was the only search engine at the time that kept it extremely simple. And it worked perfectly for them and the world." Explains the Investments team.

Their social media posts include simply expressed information about skills and knowledge they have acquired over the years, as well as information that has helped the Investments' team in their business careers.

"We post about stocks we like, books we like, and a general philosophy for approaching life in the eye of an investor growing their pocketbook." The Investments team adds.

This information, which is only provided through social media posts, takes a lot of research time. They also have a TikTok channel (@investments) where they share motivational content with their followers.

The team at Investments noticed that there was a lack of positive information to help investors do well. Accordingly, they took that opportunity and made their way into the market to fill that need.

"When it comes to the financial sector, we believe there is a lack of positive information that helps investors. Most of the information is biased in the eyes of the content creator, and we're here to change that. So take that from Goldman Sachs." Evan from the Investments team states.

As in every business, there are good days and not so good days, in the case of Investments, nine years ago not everything was rosy as its founders had lost almost $30,000 because they were trading penny stocks and focused on being a parasite on the market instead of focusing on the companies they had invested in. But it's not all bad all the time, once they started getting better advice, they began to see the market as a vehicle to get to great levels of success.

"Once we started reading the best investment books and talking to those who have made money in the markets, everything changed. We started to see the market as a vehicle to find great companies and hold on to them for a long time. That's when we started making real money. Over a couple of years, this allowed us to grow and expand into other areas of business and investments." The Investments team explains.

Today, Investments owns and manages a public equity hedge fund where they have analysts researching stocks every day. In addition, they share that research with everyone. At Investments, they have a group of professionals working on various projects ranging from media and advertising to sourcing products and vegetables abroad.

"In terms of how we invest our money, 50% stays in the public equity space, while the rest is invested in new initiatives and hiring people to take care of those initiatives." Evan, from the Investments team, says.

While there are entrepreneurs who talk freely about their next projects, they only talk about their projects when they are up and running and have results.

"Many people talk too much about their ideas and nothing ever comes to fruition. Talking about ideas is all well and good and is fundamental for success, but there is a time and a place for ideation and execution." The Investments team comments.

When it comes to competition, Investments focuses on keeping everything simple while other platforms try to push their actions and have biased agendas. Investments and DailyInvestments.com present only the information needed to help someone become a better investor and make more money.

"Many sites similar to ours focus on technical charts and trading patterns to make quick money. However, we agree with Warren Buffet's preaching that charting and trading will lead you to become a broke man. Instead, we focus on learning about the assets we invest in or will potentially invest in. As Phillip Fisher says, we prefer to spend our time and focus on making big profits over time rather than lots of small profits." Evan states.

Learn more about Investments here.

Paula Henderson

SOURCE: Investments

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