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Economic growth slows, Trump's trade talks with Britain's Theresa May

The Dow’s record-breaking winning streak may hit a speed bump. Stock started the day lower as investors weigh the latest figures on economic growth ahead of President Trump’s face-to-face meeting with British Prime Minister Theresa May.

A drop in exports weighed on US economic growth last quarter, even though business investment activity picked up and consumer spending remained steady. The Commerce Department reported that Gross Domestic Product increased at a 1.9% annual rate, following growth of 3.5% in the third quarter.

Donald Trump, Theresa May and trade
President Trump meets today at the White House with British Prime Minister Theresa May. It’s Trump’s first meeting with a foreign leader since taking office. And it comes as May prepares to take the UK out of the European Union following last year’s Brexit vote. High on today’s agenda: a trade deal between the US and Britain. What are the stakes for Trump and for May?

Andy Puzder’s 33 problems
Andy Puzder, the CEO of the company that owns Carl’s Jr and Hardees has 33 problems. On Thursday, workers from CKE Restaurants filed 33 complaints against the company’s franchises. Twenty-two of the complaints involve pay issues, including wage theft and manipulated overtime, seven are unfair labor practice complaints, and four are sexual harassment charges. Is Puzder’s nomination in jeopardy?

Chinese New Year, Chinese IPOs
Yahoo Finance talks to Bob McCooey, senior vice president of listing services at the Nasdaq, about the market for IPOs of Chinese companies that want to list shares in the United States. Some companies in the past-faced accounting probes by the SEC and were delisted. What’s changed since then?