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Investview (OTCQB: INVU) Launches APEX TEK LLC and Establishes New Asset Model for Passive Income

Salt Lake City, UT, Sept. 03, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- Investview Corporation (INVU) through its wholly owned subsidiary APEX TEK LLC launched its APEX program officially on Saturday August 31st, 2019.

APEX is a revolutionary new program which empowers the individual to participate in the emerging Big Data and Blockchain Technology economies, while earning passive income. Under the terms of a JV announced in March of this year, Investview has established two subsidiaries: APEX TEK LLC and SAFETEK LLC. APEX TEK is operating as the primary sales and distribution entity for the APEX program, and its sister company wholly owned subsidiary, SAFETEK leases, deploys, and supports the high-performance equipment program.

Using a combination of proprietary hardware and software, the APEX program positions participants to profit from new disruptive technologies, like A.I. rendering, computational mining, and data processing. Building on the educational fundamentals of INVU, APEX TEK will educate and empower individuals worldwide to learn how to generate passive monthly income from the APEX package. Upon joining the APEX Program, the participants’ purchased product is sent to one of SAFETEK’s Data Centers, with a unique serial number identifying the hardware owner. SAFETEK support and tech personnel will operate support and maintain the hardware on behalf of the client.  APEX TEK provides a seamless, end to end, low touch experience for the customer who is paid a monthly lease payment from SAFETEK for the use and deployment of the APEX package. To ensure SAFETEK users are always being provided best in breed technology, the equipment leasing model provides for automatic upgrades every 24 months. 

While Investview and Kuvera have historically focused on providing wealth creation through financial research, tools and education for stocks, forex, and digital currencies, the APEX model provides access to emerging technology and passive income from owning assets without special skills or training. 

Ryan Smith, President of APEX TEK said, “As a company, our mission has always been to empower wealth creation, and we know that true wealth includes owning assets that pay you passive income. The technology asset era is upon us, and it may very well be the biggest asset opportunity of our lifetime.” 

 “When envisioning the APEX model, I honestly questioned if any partnerships were possible due to the disruptive paradigm.  APEX is a program that doesn’t fit into the ecosystem and culture of most companies yet Investview embraced the concept.  APEX is the most disruptive model ever seen in this industry, and when fully understood by the right leaders, we will make history together,” said Jeremy Roma, V.P. of APEX TEK and President of SAFETEK during the August 31st worldwide launch presentation.

CEO Annette Raynor put it simply: “Investview continues to enhance our shareholder and customer value propositions by education and simplification. This is the first of many new programs we intend to tell the world about, and it’s this simple, ‘Buy an APEX system from APEX TEK, lease it to SAFETEK, and leave the rest to us while you earn passive income for next 60 months.’”

Investview released the APEX model to a select group in early summer through Kuvera LLC and received significant interest and order volume in the pre-launch. Those early participants are already receiving their monthly lease payments. Now APEX is available to everyone who seeks a unique and creative way to own assets and earn income from those assets. For more information on the APEX program please email: info@apextekglobal.com

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