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iOS 10 might introduce a new feature we’ve all been waiting for

Chris Smith

Don’t get too excited just yet, but a future version of iOS might finally grant loyal iPhone users a wish that they've had for years: The ability to hide the default Apple apps that end up in a forsaken folder on one of the phone’s screens.

That’s right, there’s palpable evidence that Apple might let us hide apps in the future, including Tips and Stocks, and whatever other default iOS apps you’ve replaced with better alternatives.

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Looking at iTunes metadata, AppAdvice discovered two new keys labeled isFirstParty and isFirstPartyHideableApp that started showing up in the App Store two weeks ago (see the following image). These keys seem to indicate that users will be able to hide certain apps. The keys apparently feature a Boolean value (true/false), which suggests that only certain apps might be hideable.


Apple CEO Tim Cook did address this particular matter back in September, acknowledging that some apps can’t be removed from the iPhone, while others might be removable.

AppAdvice says that Apple’s Configurator 2.2 released earlier this year also has the ability to remove native apps on business and education devices.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to hide Apple’s default iPhone apps in iOS 9.3, you’ll have to use some trickery to do it.

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