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iOS 13.2.3: Apple releases yet another iPhone update to fix more strange bugs

Andrew Griffin
Apple CEO Tim Cook announces the new iPhone 11 as he delivers the keynote address during a special event on September 10, 2019 in the Steve Jobs Theater on Apple's Cupertino, California campus: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Apple has released yet another update for iOS 13, fixing more problems.

The new software – known as iOS 13.2.3 – is just the latest in a flurry of updates that have followed the original release of iOS 13 in September.

It brings no new features. Instead, it just fixes a whole host of problems that could have been experienced by iPhone owners.

Chief among the fixes are solutions for a problem that stopped search from working in the Mail, Files and Notes apps. There are other updates for Mail, too, including a fix for a problem where the app would fail to get new messages or show them properly.

As well as those issues, the new update includes a fix for a problem in the Messages app. In the older version of iOS, photos, links and other attachments might fail to show within texts, but that has now been solved.

The update also fixes some broader problems, such as an issue that stopped apps from downloading content in the background. The behaviour of apps in the background has been a particular issue with the latest version of iOS, with an earlier update adding a strange bug that forced apps to be closed when they were not running in the foreground.

Apple has released an unprecedented number of updates to the latest version of iOS, many of which are made up of bug fixes rather than new features.

The company has not explained why it has released such a strange number of updates, or why the original version of the software shipped with so many issues.

Apple's marketing head, Phil Schiller, responded to concerns about Apple's recent software quality in a recent interview with The Independent.

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