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The iPad Lowdown 3-8-12

Amanda Natividad

A full list of the Apple (NSDQ:AAPL - News) iPad coverage from our parent site GigaOm.

»   Apple TV’s missed opportunity: Ryan Lawler’s take on why the Apple TV is disappointing. For starters, he says it’s because this is “the most incremental of all incremental updates for a product that hasn’t been moving forward nearly as quickly as it should be.” Read on to find out what hopes he had for the device’s upgrade.

»   The new iPad has CIOs quaking in their cubicles: “Apple’s newest iPad has some new elements that could make it a (bigger) hit in the enterprise, such as higher resolution screen for video conferencing and presentations, as well as taking dictation. But it has become increasingly clear to corporations that their networks can’t handle the iPad or, really, most of the devices employees are bringing into their walls.”

»   Apple enters the 4G age; will carriers return the favor? “Apple finally gave the wireless industry the 4G device it’s so long been craving. Even more importantly, LTE connectivity in the new iPad virtually assures similar treatment in the next iPhone. Apple has stepped up. Now it’s the operators’ turn to reciprocate by lowering mobile data prices.”

»   The iPad isn’t a PC — but it’s trying hard to behave like one: “If you have an iPad already, you probably use it for checking e-mail or browsing the Web, Twitter or Facebook, using apps, reading an e-book or even putting together presentations. But on Wednesday, Apple took great care to show you how you can be doing even more with this new category of mobile device — especially things you might have done previously on a PC.”

»   Apple’s iPad 4G LTE plan pricing detailed: Watch your speeds! “Apple’s new iPad includes support for LTE mobile broadband, with a fallback to 3G connectivity as needed. That’s good to know, but the one important bit of information Apple neglected to share was the pricing plans for the LTE service from AT&T (NYSE:T) and Verizon. I just pre-ordered a Wi-Fi iPad, but saw the LTE pricing during the checkout process, so here it is…”

»   What’s in a name: Why the new iPad isn’t called iPad 3: “One of the big mysteries ahead of Wednesday’s Apple event was a simple question: What is the new iPad going to be called? The tech press had long settled on iPad 3, but some outlets had recently reported that the product name would actually be iPad HD, in reference to the new high-resolution Retina display.”

»   Apple and the new iPad: By the numbers: “Typical for an Apple event, the company shared a multitude of numeric data points prior to, and during, the introduction of the new iPad and an updated Apple TV. Some of the figures are staggering when you realize that the iPad product line isn’t yet two years old. But the numbers show that, unlike many peers, Apple has planned for, and is migrating to, what it calls the ‘post-PC world.’”

»   The iPad will deliver 73 Mbps LTE. Why not 72? Apple’s latest bright, shiny iPad has been revealed, and it has Retina display, a faster chip and all sorts of goodies, but for the network crowd only three letters mattered: LTE. And yes, the new iPad will have the latest Long Term Evolution cellular networking standard and will deliver up to 73 Mbps down. Wait — what? 73?”

»   Apple’s new iPad: 4G, high-res display, quad-core graphics: “Apparently just called ‘the new iPad,’ it will come with the much-rumored Retina Display, with four times as many pixels as the iPad 2. It will also come with 4G LTE wireless networking for both Verizon and AT&T’s networks, fulfilling two of the main rumors leading up to Wednesday’s event in San Francisco.”

»   Apple refreshes Apple TV, adds video to iTunes in the Cloud: “The “Apple TV is getting a modest refresh, and Apple is doubling down on iTunes in the Cloud: That’s the gist of what Apple CEO Tim Cook just announced on stage in San Francisco.”

»   10 ways to resell, recycle, reuse iPad 2: “The website Gazelle is one of the easiest ways to sell off Apple gadgets that are slightly used but still in decent shape. Gazelle is buying good-condition, used iPad 2′s (64GB, with Wi-Fi, and 3G) for $330 ($350 for flawless, and $125 for broken).”

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