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iPad Pro 2 Release Specs And Features: What We Want To See

Simon Alvarez

The iPad Pro 2 might see a March 2017 release date.

The iPad Pro 2 is coming, that much is sure. While the release date of the device remains unknown as of now, speculations are high that the next powerhouse tablet from the Cupertino-based tech giant would make its debut within the next couple of months.

The original iPad Pro was designed to be a portable device that is capable of replacing a full-fledged laptop computer. However, a limited suite of enterprise-driven apps and clunky accessories ultimately caused the first-generation iPad Pro to fall short of its goal. It was a successful tablet in its own right, but it remained no more than that.

Things appear to be different this time around, however, as Apple is gearing up to release a successor to its powerhouse tablet, the iPad Pro 2. With this in mind, here are three notable features that the iPad Pro 2 must have if Apple would like to finally take a decisive crack at the productivity-centered enterprise market.

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