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iPhone 8 Plus goes up against the iPhone 7 Plus in new speed test

Yoni Heisler

Brace yourself, folks. With Apple’s iPhone 8 models arriving in stores today, we’re about to be bombarded with an avalanche of video tests designed to showcase just how fast and durable Apple’s next-gen iPhone 8 models truly are. Kicking things off for us is YouTuber MadMatt who threw together an interesting speed test which pits Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus against last year’s iPhone 7 Plus.



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Right off the bat, we see that the iPhone 8 Plus manages to start-up just a hair quicker than its predecessor. When it comes to opening up apps, there’s not much of a difference between the two devices. When running Geekbench, the iPhone 8 Plus checked in with a single core score of 4264 against 3445 for the iPhone 7 Plus. The multicore score, though, saw an even bigger differential, with the iPhone 8 Plus boasting a score of 10396 while the iPhone 7 Plus checked in with a score of 5691. So say what you will about the A11 Bionic name, but the chip itself — which also boasts the first ever Apple-designed GPU — is an absolute monster.

Now to be fair, the iPhone 7 Plus’ A10 fusion chip is a serious performer in its own right. That being the case, you’ll really appreciate the extra horsepower the iPhone 8 Plus delivers when running processor intensive apps like AR-based apps which, not surprisingly, are increasingly populating the App Store.

Incidentally, Apple told The Verge earlier this week that the A11 Bionic name was simply conjured up for marketing purposes. And while some might understandably scoff at the name, what Apple managed to pull off here is truly remarkable. Not only is the A11 Bionic a huge improvement over the A10 Fusion, it also leaves Android devices in the dust.


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