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iPhone leak: Apple website accidentally reveals every new product hours before release date event, including iPhone XS Max and Xr names

Andrew Griffin

Apple's own website appears to have leaked the details of every big product it is about to launch.

The iPhone XS, the bigger XS Max, and the Xr have all been confirmed by links accidentally posted on its site. The new version of the Apple Watch appeared, too, including details about its new sizes.

They were all confirmed when browsers on Apple's website found that it had unintentionally and prematurely posted its site map online, which includes the pages that customers will consult when they're buying one of the new products.

As such, it included details about all of those new phones, hours before they are actually released. It was shared by Apple develop Steve Troughton-Smith, the developer who revealed almost everything about the iPhone X by finding HomePod firmware that was accidentally made public, and has since been taken offline.

They show that there will be three new phones at different sizes. And the Apple Watch will come in two new sizes as well.

The site map also shows that the cheaper phone will come in a range of new colours: black, white, red, yellow, coral and blue.

It also shows that the bigger iPhone XS Max will also come with more storage. Customers will be able to buy a model that includes a full 512GB – the first time Apple has ever offered such a huge storage option, and probably making the bigger phone even more expensive than expected.

The URLs don't show the information that would actually show on the pages, so there are no pictures or details about features. Some photos have already leaked, including pictures of the iPhone XS and XS Max and the major new redesign of the Apple Watch.

But it does show plenty besides that, including colour combinations, storage and perhaps most importantly the phones' names.

The one thing that remains mysterious about the names is what will be capitalised, since the URLs are all in lower case. As such it is still unclear whether the new phone's name will be written "iPhone Xs" or "XS".

The leak didn't include information on accessories that are expected to be launched at the event, such as its long-awaited AirPower charging mat. It's not clear whether that means that they won't be announced, or if they are simply not listed.