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iPhone Glance Deems Manilla as “Great App” to Organize Your Finances

Annie McGee


Manilla received a great review from iPhoneGlance.com, which said, Manilla is a “great app” to manage all of your daily finances. There is no need to worry about security because “the app does have top level security and nothing is stored on your phone like passwords or usernames. There is a single password for logging in but it is never automatically displayed or saved each time you log in. So, there are no worries about anyone gaining access to your financial details should you lose your phone or tablet.”

About the app:

Manilla – Bills and Accounts Manager is the best app that lets you organize all your bills and accounts under one personal account. With this app, you can organize your documents like bills, statements, notices and offers. You can manage your accounts under different categories like finances, subscriptions and travel rewards as well as share bills with spouses, roommates, and friends. The app gives you automatic reminders that help you pay your bills on time.

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