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iOS 11: The new iPhone operating system will break your old apps

Jonathan Mitchell
Some popular apps will not work on iPhones or iPads once the software is updated: Shutterstock / Twin Design

The latest software update on Apple’s iPhones and iPads will render some older apps useless.

Owners of the devices who chose to update to the iOS 11 system will find some apps stop working following the change, with apps that have not been updated in the past two years at risk.

Following the update, the iPhones and iPads will be limited to only running apps with what is known as a 64-bit code, potentially affecting numerous popular features.

Apple defended the decision, claiming it is easy for app-manufacturers to update their products.

The 64-bit code allocation means apps following the update will run quicker as they can handle more data simultaneously.

The move has been met with some criticism, with detractors claiming Apple should work to make features last as long as possible.

Professor Alan Woodward, from the University of Surrey's computing department, told the BBC: “Two years is a very short period for something to become obsolete, even in the technology world where things move very fast.

"What most vendors have done so far - and Microsoft is the biggest example of this - is to keep as many things as compatible as possible for as long as possible.

"It wouldn't have taken a huge amount of work for iOS 11 to have continued supporting 32-bit, so it's difficult not to conclude that Apple is really trying to force the pace and make people move on."

Apple has rejected updates to apps with less than 64-bit from manufacturers since June 2015.

The iOS 11 update for iPads and iPhones is due to be released soon.