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iPhone XS, XS Max and XR: Apple unveils its most expensive phone ever

Matthew Field
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    Man From Pluto
    I personally don't care about Apple's latest con trick, I'm still using my mint Sony Ericsson from 2007 and it serves me very well for the very basic things like text and phone calls, the battery life is still brilliant.. I have a life totally without distractions from so called Facebook and the likes. The amount of times a member of the public have walked into me whilst having their face stuck into their smart phone screens is crazy and very annoying, hazardous too. Times without smartphones were stress free, people were more happy and less angry back then, it was a time when people used to say good morning and smile a lot as well. Smartphones have vastly damaged the toy industry, youngsters are now given a phone at a very early age and turn their nose up at traditional toys, what a shame.
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    Seems they are turning into the big old brick style phones again. First mobiles where heavy bricks, then got smaller and small, not they’re getting bigger and bigger.
    Todays clothes there’s hardly any pockets to fit anything in them, yet bigger phones are going to pop out like anything, and at those prices, well easy to pick pocket them and sell for half price. Good business for a pick pocketer.
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    All looks pretty cool, the new watch features are really impressive. Apple by far the best tech on the market, yeah it’s expensive but never had a single issue with any Apple product. My iMac is from 2011 and going strong not a single issue, where as wife has been through two Dell PC’s in that time.
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    Each priced more than my whole month’s rent and groceries. SMH
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    So the apple phone now costs $12 instead of $10 to build. Nice.
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    Darren W
    I think the Xr is actually too cheap, apart from the camera, case, screen and RAM its got all the same features of the Xs, but has a bigger screen and is 25% cheaper, plus you have a choice of colours.

    I think they should have placed the iPhone X, A11 Bionic Chip in the Xr, to create the differential.
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    Have I missed something??? Errrrm What is the price of their mobiles?
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    It will be out of date in about a years time as the next rip you off phone comes on the market.
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    so glad I binned off my Smart phone, all I see are people with there eyes welded to the screen, just like smoking / drinking ..... it becomes an addiction