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iPhone XS: Apple unveils brand new handset – pictures, features, release date and everything you want to know

Andrew Griffin
Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, speaks about the iPhone XS and XS Max at an Apple Inc product launch event at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California: REUTERSREUTERS/Stephen Lam

Apple has revealed the new iPhone Xs, which it says is the most advanced smartphone ever developed.

The brand new phone comes in a shiny new gold colour and boasts an improved screen.

On the outside, the primary change is the colour: the stainless steel finish is now available in gold as well as the white and black of the existing iPhone X.

But on the inside just about everything has changed, including a fast new processor and radical improvements to the Face ID unlocking system.

And there is also a larger version of the iPhone Xs, known as Xs Max. That phone has the biggest ever display on an iPhone – while it is roughly the same size phone as the Plus-sized phones, it has a much bigger display.

On both phones, the camera is vastly improved, according to Apple. Though the hardware didn't seem to have changed, it relies on the new A12 bionic chip that powers the rest of the phone to take much better photos and videos.

Both the XS and XS Max are also stubbornly waterproof, and Apple said that they can even be dropped into beer and will continue to work.

Apple said the technology inside the phone will help improve the experiences that people can have with, and showed those off using a range of app developers. It invited Bethesda on stage to introduce a new Elder Scrolls game, for instance, and basketball app Homecourt showed how it can use the augmented reality features to help people practise shooting.

Apple also used the event to show off a new, health-oriented Watch. The wearable computer has a screen that sweeps right across the front, just like the iPhone X and now XS.