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Iran Election Boycott Threat As Economic Conditions Worsen NewsBlaze Story

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FOLSOM, Calif., June 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The Iranian regime has been controlling and suppressing its population since 1979. As with all bad regimes, they will eventually fall, as long as other countries do not come riding to rescue the regime. In 2009, the ordinary people desperately tried to get the mullah's boots of their neck, but were crushed.

Torn Ebrahim Raisi campaign poster in Iranian 2021 presidential election.
Torn Ebrahim Raisi campaign poster in Iranian 2021 presidential election.

In "Protests Grow in Iran as Working Conditions Worsen," Iranian writer, Hamid Enayat tells the latest story of the Iranian people's struggle for normalcy.

"In Iran, the people are being deprived economically by the policies of the regime and its Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp (IRGC). Repressive tactics are employed to keep the Iranian people in line and punish those who dare to participate in protests and uprisings," Enayat writes.

See the latest story: https://newsblaze.com/world/iran/iran-working-conditions-worsen_180514/

"NewsBlaze has been telling the story of the Iranian people's struggle against the mullahs since 2006. We published stories of 3,000 Iranian dissidents in Camp Ashraf, documenting harsh living conditions, killings, betrayals by the US, the UN, and Iraq. We reported when Albania gave them a home. We followed the 2009 green revolution but it failed. We continue to tell their stories," said Alan Gray, NewsBlaze CEO.

About Hamid Enayat

Hamid Enayat is a human rights activist and an expert on Iran based in Paris. He writes about Iranian and regional issues. Contact Hamid Enayat through NewsBlaze.

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