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Iran sanctions 15 U.S. firms, citing human rights and Israel ties

DUBAI, March 26 (Reuters) - Iran has imposed sanctions on 15 U.S. companies for alleged human rights violations and cooperating with Israel, the state news agency IRNA reported on Sunday.

The agency quoted Iran's foreign ministry as saying the companies had "flagrantly violated human rights" and cooperated with Israel against the Palestinians.

It was not immediately clear if any of the companies, which included defence technology firm Raytheon, had any dealings with Iran or whether they would be affected in any way by Tehran's action, which IRNA said would include seizure of their assets and a ban on contacts with them.

The Iranian move came two days after the United States imposed sanctions on 30 foreign companies or individuals for transferring sensitive technology to Iran for its missile programme, or for violating export controls on Iran, North Korea and Syria.

(Reporting by Dubai newsroom; Editing by Andrew Torchia)