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Irate Philadelphia Eagles fan caught on TV is an Ivy League dean

Kristian Dyer

Philadelphia is a tough sports town, one that has embraced a fictional character as their identity (Rocky), loves a hockey team that set the NHL record for penalty minutes (the "Broad Street Bullies") and even once booed Santa Claus.

So to learn that an irate, profanity-laden fan who got screen time during the Philadelphia Eagles’ loss on Sunday is a dean at an Ivy League school? No real surprise.

The reputation as a tough sports town is certainly well-earned.

Eric Furda, dean of admissions at the University of Pennsylvania, became a bit of an Internet sensation on Sunday for a GIF that emerged of him berating the referees during FOX's broadcast of the game. There may have even been some salty language involved. The Eagles 27-24 home loss to the Detroit Lions dropped their record to 1-2 on the year.

The calls during the game were repeatedly booed by the Eagles fan base.

But to learn that the face of that frustration is a high-ranking dean in one of the most prestigious institutions in the country only underscores just how deep sports runs in Philadelphia.

After the game, Furda tweeted about the officiating.

Then on Monday morning, he poked a little fun at himself and his behavior. But while Furda gave himself a penalty for "unsportsmanlike conduct," it doesn’t seem like any relatives from Sunday’s officiating crew have a chance at getting into UPenn anytime soon.

In September’s ranking of top universities by the Wall Street Journal, UPenn rose six spots to fourth in the nation.

And the fact that there is a young child in the foreground of this video who doesn’t even look dazed by what is going on around him is perhaps the most typical Philadelphia thing about this moment.

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