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Ireland has accidentally legalised ecstasy, ketamine and crystal meth for one day only

Rob Price

Ecstasy, ketamine, and hundreds of other drugs are currently legal in Ireland for one day only thanks to an accidental loophole in the law, The Journal reports.

Ireland's 1977 Misuse of Drugs Act was found unconstitutional by the Irish Court of Appeal on Tuesday morning — meaning that the drugs currently prohibited in it are legal.

Drugs that are currently legal in Ireland reportedly include ecstasy, crystal meth and ketamine. So-called 'legal highs' are also no longer prohibited, along with more than 100 other drugs, according to News Talk.

Heroin, cocaine and cannabis are not affected.

The Irish government is now preparing emergency legislation to fix this loophole. But despite sitting late tonight to do so, the law "can only take effect on the day after its signed into law," according to The Journal, meaning ecstasy will remain legal in Ireland until 12AM Thursday at the earliest.

The Irish government has released a statement admitting that while it "does not affect existing laws regarding the supply, possession or sale" of heroin, cocaine and cannabis, "it does affect the possession of certain newer psychoative substances."

Opportunistic drug dealers should still be wary, however. "We are advised that the sale and supply of psychoative substances remains an offence under existing legislation," the statement adds.

Here's the full statement:

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