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IronTek Solutions Transforms Construction Equipment Industry with a New Way to Make Profits, Pairing Traditional Services with New Technology

IronTek Solutions launches, simplifies buying, selling, and managing used construction equipment for $128B market

CLEVELAND, Dec. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Rental yards, construction equipment vendors, and individuals looking to buy or sell used equipment have a faster, cheaper way to simplify fleet and inventory management with the launch of IronTek Solutions, https://ironteksolutions.com/. IronTek pairs traditional equipment services with new, easy-to-use software that streamlines day-to-day activities – saving equipment dealers time and maximizing their profits. 

IronTek Solutions helps rental yards and construction equipment vendors make fleet management easier, cheaper and faster with custom software and marketing

"We understand equipment and have combined that expertise with the services rental yards need today," founder and CEO Carly Cahlik says. "We save equipment dealers time and maximize their profits.

"Our platform was created to give these companies the tools they need to make their businesses more efficient, knowledgeable, and profitable. IronTek makes it easy for construction equipment vendors to manage their inventory and sales team."

IronTek Solutions allows rental yards and construction companies to:

  • Coordinate internal sales efforts with real-time communication
  • Use existing rental software, so all information is in sync
  • Liquidate equipment easily with tools to help de-fleet 
  • At-a-glance reporting; including high/low performers and key rental equipment metrics

IronTek Solutions offers help through: 

  • Fleet Up - https://buyfleetnow.com/ an online marketplace that provides all of the tools to market and sell construction equipment. Owners can easily upload hundreds of machines in minutes, manage media (inspection reports, photos), and assign company roles. It integrates with key operations metrics, and it lets buyers search without seeing messy ads. 
  • Traditional Services – IronTek provides personal assistance with buying and selling equipment, including large volume deals. Additional services include re-rental programs, used equipment programs, and rent-to-purchase options. 
  • Custom Software Solutions – IronTek makes daily activities easier by connecting current software programs with Fleet Up, adding inventory listings to existing websites, and developing modern, phone-friendly websites.
  • Marketing Services – IronTek helps buyers find your equipment online – placing offers on a customer's phone and driving store traffic. 

"You're not going to get this level of equipment marketing knowledge with a local marketing firm," Sales Manager Bonnie Kimberlin notes. "Our experience allows us to market machines 2-4x cheaper than with traditional agencies."

IronTek is Cahlik's third company, built off successful startups in equipment sales and rentals.  Combining that experience with business strategy, processes, and technology, Cahlik and IronTek are set to transform the equipment sales industry and the way dealers manage their fleet.


Carly Cahlik


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