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iShares Modifies ETF Names to Reflect a Uniform Look


With almost 300 exchange traded funds in the U.S., BlackRock’s iShares has cleaned house, shortening the moniker on the majority of its ETFs for a more consistent or uniform product line.

iShares has renamed 220 of its ETFs, but the ticker symbols and CUSIPs remain unchanged, writes Ron Rowland for Invest With An Edge.

The most noticeable change is the removal of “Index Fund” and “Fund” from the line of iShares products , which has been replaced with “ETF.”

Additionally, iShares is dropping the index provider identifier on Barclays, Dow Jones, S&P and FTSE offerings, but the provider is keeping most of its MSCI, Russell and more recognizable S&P appellation.

Looking at the international ETF line-up, the “investable market index” part has also been cut.

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