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Isla Fisher Got In Trouble For Spreading 'Wedding Crashers' Sequel Rumors

Isla Fisher is all about having fun, which might explain why she got so excited abouta “Wedding Crashers” sequelthat she accidentally spilled some beans.

Last year, the actress and author of the new children’s bookMarge in Charge mistakenly said there was another “Wedding Crashers” movie in the worksduring an interview with the “Today” show.

“I bumped into Vince Vaughn at a party and he said apparently we are going to be making a sequel,” she said. “I’m excited to see what happened to Gloria.”

Well, while chatting with HuffPost atBuild Serieson Tuesday, the actress explained those past comments, admitting, “Oh, I got in so much trouble for that ... I can’t believe that I’m going to get in trouble again!” 

“I also heard that rumor,” she added of the speculation surrounding “Wedding Crashers 2,” “And I also repeated it on television.”

So although she’s nottotallysure if or when there may be a “Wedding Crashers” sequel, Fisher loved playing the “bipolar nymphomaniac” Gloria and working on a big-budget comedy. And she can creditthe whole experience to her husband, Sacha Baron Cohen. 

“I kept getting rejected from all these movies, and becoming more and more downtrodden and disappointed and questioning whether it was time to choose a new vocation when he said, ‘Why are you going for these dramatic roles? You should be going for comedy roles, you’re so funny!’”

Fisher then asked her agent to send her on some comedic auditions, and “Wedding Crashers” was the first one she nabbed. 

“I remember feeling very intimidated, but then I instantly connected with Vince,” the actress said of being on set, adding, “Once I was in character, I had to sort of pretend to fake it ’till you make it.” 

Isla Fisher talks more about her career and new book, Marge in Charge, in the video below. 

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.