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ITA IoT Council Releases Second Edition of Internet of Things Inventory

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - October 31, 2016) - The Illinois Technology Association (ITA) today announced the release of the second edition of the Midwest IoT Inventory Report: the report that catalogs and categorizes Internet of Things (IoT) companies in the Midwest. The Inventory was created by the ITA's IoT Council to formalize and visualize IoT's expanding presence in the Midwest.

The revised version of the Inventory includes 90 companies that have established a clear commitment to creating, selling or implementing IoT solutions. Companies in the Inventory range from those founded in the past few years and with fewer than 50 employees, to others with more than 10,000 employees and a strong presence in Illinois since the late 1960s.

Fifteen new companies were added to the Inventory since its initial release in April along with two case studies on IoT implementations in the Midwest at Sennco Solutions and Wells Electronics. The new companies listed in the inventory include: AirStash, Ampy, Ayrstone Productivity LLC, Climate Corporation, CNXT, Embedor Technologies, Entrigna, Hallsten Innovations, HARTING Inc of North America, Jio Inc, Mikan Associates, Net Zero Analysis & Design Corp, SPR Consulting, ThingLogix Inc, Vizlore LLC.

"Through platforms like the IoT Council and initiatives like the IoT Inventory, the word is starting to spread that the Midwest is the place where IoT is happening," said ITA CEO, Fred Hoch. "The continued expansion of the IoT Inventory helps prove that the Midwest can take the IoT revolution far beyond consumer products to exploit the true power and scope of IoT."

"It is exciting to see how many more companies we were able to add to the Inventory in such a short period of time," said Don DeLoach, CEO and president of Infobright and co-chair of the IoT Council. "When we established the IoT Council, one of its initial goals was to raise the visibility and awareness of the Midwest as an epicenter of IoT technology. The addition of fifteen companies to the Midwest IoT Inventory in six months is a big step in helping us reach that goal."

To be considered for inclusion in the Inventory, companies had to meet one of two geographical criteria, either:

  1. Being headquartered in Chicagoland or the Midwest, or
  2. Having a primary IoT facility or a significant employee population and customer base in Chicagoland or the Midwest.

The companies represented in the Inventory represent the leading edge of IoT in the Midwest. The ITA and its IoT Council are dedicated to helping current and future Midwest IoT companies achieve their goals through programming, support systems and peer-to-peer collaboration. Midwest companies that believe they should be represented in the inventory should submit their information for review.

To learn more, download the full report visit itaiotcouncil.com or attend the upcoming IoT Summit Chicago on November 9th and 10th to experience Midwest IoT in action.

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