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ITAÚ UNIBANCO HOLDING S.A. - Material Fact: Projections 2019

SÃO PAULO, Feb. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Itaú Unibanco Holding S.A. ("Company" or "Itaú Unibanco"), in compliance with Article 157, Paragraph 4 of Law 6,404/76 and Instruction no. 358/02 of the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission, informs its stockholders and the market in general that as of this date it has announced its projections for the year 2019 in accordance with the provision in item 11 ("Projections") of the Reference Form.

Reference: https://www.itau.com.br/relacoes-com-investidores/Download.aspx?Arquivo=702F7fth86gGhg+xkROp0A==

It is noteworthy mentioning, currently, the Company considers, for management purposes, a cost of capital of around 14.0% per year.

Information on outlooks for the business, projections and operational and financial goals are solely forecasts, based on management's current outlook in relation to the future of Itaú Unibanco. These expectations are highly dependent on market conditions, general economic performance of the country, of the sector and the international markets. Therefore, our effective results and performance may differ from those forecasted in this prospective information.

Group Executive Finance Director and Head of Investor Relations

Itaú Unibanco - Corporate Communication
(11) 5019-8880 / 8881 - imprensa@itau-unibanco.com.br


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