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Leggings Are Officially More Popular Than Jeans

Kendall Jenner is spotted with a friend wearing dark leggings. (Photo: Getty Images)

Leggings are often a woman’s first choice because of their versatility. They can be dressed up or worn casually for convenience, and shoppers often opt for them because they’re more comfortable than jeans.

In a new study conducted by Slice Intelligence, researchers found that more female customers ordered leggings than jeans over the past three months. Online orders from the time examined were compared to data pulled from the same period last year. The results showed that leggings orders increased by 41 percent, whilst denim orders only increased by a measly 3 percent.

Photo: Slice Intelligence

Athleisure has become a major trend in the fashion industry, which could account for the increase in sales. Designers have taken the casual leggings looks to the runway, celebrities have developed their own activewear lines based off the concept, and models and actresses are proponents of the trend as well.

The study also showed that two of the most popular shopping destinations for leggings and jeans are Amazon and Nordstrom. Amazon received the top percentage in market share in online leggings sales, whilst Nordstrom snagged that title in jeans sales.

Some top sellers for jeans also included Old Navy and Gap. Victoria’s Secret was also a top contender for leggings sales. Victoria’s Secret successful athleisure line VS Sport was introduced in July after the company announced it was getting rid of swimwear after 2016 to focus on activewear. More and more retailers are getting into the game as well. J. Crew recently launched an athleisure collection with New Balance, despite stating in 2014 that the company wasn’t planning to go into activewear.

Photo: Slice Intelligence

Interestingly enough, the study also concluded that leggings are more geographically popular in the Northeast than the Midwest. Although leggings might be more popular than jeans, they are still less expensive. This means more online revenue was generated from jeans than leggings for the retailers examined.

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