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ITServe to host its Annual Conference "Synergy" on October 17th-18th in Chicago, IL

Over 1500 CXOs from 1200+ companies come together at America's biggest IT conference

CHICAGO, Oct. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- ITServe Alliance is gearing up for the 5th edition of its annual flagship conference – Synergy 2019. The two day, high-octane conference will be held on October 17th and 18th, at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel in Chicago, Illinois. Synergy 2019 will see over 1500 CXOs from 1200+ companies come together at America's biggest IT conference, a one-of-its-kind event that is focused on spearheading networking, knowledge and growth.

Synergy 2019 Logo

ITServe's Synergy Conference is an information-rich event which provides business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives with strategies, solutions and insights that address the unique needs of the IT Solutions & Services industry.

This year, Synergy 2019 will unlock a bundle of knowledge with valuable sessions from successful business leaders and eminent speakers; promote entrepreneurship with its Start-up Cube, an innovation capsule where multiple entrepreneurs with ideas and products will pitch their offerings to a panel of business leaders and investors; and provide a unique platform to businesses to showcase their offerings at the Synergy Solutions Partner Hub at the conference.

The conference will also host many lawmakers and government officials as part of its high-value panels. This will include a CTO panel and an Immigration Panel presided by American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) President Marketa Lindt.

The keynote speakers at the conference include 15-year old Canadian author Tanmay Bakshi who is also an AI & Machine Learning Architect and TED speaker and Matt Mayberry, a former NFL linebacker with the Chicago Bears, now an internationally-acclaimed motivational speaker. Other key speakers include sales expert Karl Graf, Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthy, US Senator John Kennedy amongst many others.

Those who want to participate in this conference can register at: www.ITServeSynergy.org

About ITServe Alliance:

ITServe Alliance is the largest association of IT Solutions & Services organizations in the US, representing over 1,200 member companies. The Alliance is the voice of all prestigious IT companies functioning with similar interests across the United States. Through the years, ITServe has evolved as a capable and respected platform to collaborate and initiate measures in the direction of protecting common interests and ensuring collective success of its member companies. Since its inception in 2010, ITServe Alliance has served to strengthen the knowledge, skills, and value of its members across the nation through its 16 country-wide Regional Chapters.

Mr. Vinod Babu Uppu is the current National President of ITServe Alliance. Other notable office bearers include: Anil Kilaru (Governing Board Chair); Vinoz Chanamolu (Secretary), Shashidhar Devireddy (Synergy Chair) and Ajay Sunkara (Synergy Director).

For further information, contact PR Director, Deepali Khadakban at PRMedia@itserve.org

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