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I've Only Been In Philly For 4 Hours And I Already See Why People Love It

Mandi Woodruff

I landed in Philly about four hours ago, fresh off a short (and cheap!) two-hour bus ride from Manhattan, courtesy of Bolt Bus. 

I already love it. 

It has nothing to do with the flawless weather –– though I can't deny it doesn't help –– or the fact that I've gotten dozens of emails from Philly fans imploring me to write amazing things about their city .  

Here are a few reasons why: 

I can walk downtown without having to dodge tourists like landmines. 


M. Woodruff/Business Insider


There was a big food truck rally outside the bus station and I wouldn't have had to wait two hours for a gourmet taco if I wanted one. 


M. Woodruff/Business Insider


I could have even had a SEAT. To myself.  (You try finding more than one open seat at a public watering hole in Manhattan or Brooklyn. I dare you.)


M. Woodruff/Business Insider


I feel like I could bike here and not fear for my life. (Look ma, no helmet!)

M. Woodruff/Business Insider


I saw ZERO people (yes, zero) in line at Trader Joe's. I was so confused without the usual team of crowd wranglers to shepherd me along that the manager had to point me toward an open register himself.


M. Woodruff/Business Insider


Yes, it was early. But even if I'd gone at peak hour, I'm pretty sure it still wouldn't have matched this nightmare:

Trader Joes line

Clint McMahon via Flickr


I could have gotten a Halal Philly cheesesteak if I wanted.

M. Woodruff/Business Insider


Their city hall looks like THIS: 


M. Woodruff/Business Insider

The mix of modern and colonial (gothic?) architecture is stunning. 


M. Woodruff/Business Insider

There's a guy making blue crabs dance at the Reading Terminal Market. 

First stop: reading terminal market! #philly vine.co/v/bEtI1ZZdBQ6

— Mandi Woodruff (@mandiwoodruff) May 17, 2013

I got an incredible Amish meal for $8 (and they didn't charge extra for the drink and fries).


M. Woodruff/Business Insider

Told you. 


M. Woodruff/Business Insider

I can get FREE rides all over the city thanks to the new ridesharing app, SideCar. 



There are incredible murals just about everywhere you look. 

M. Woodruff/Business Insider


So pretty. 


M. Woodruff/Business Insider

And I'm just getting started! I've barely scratched the surface of this town and I'm on my way out to do some more exploring this evening. Let's see if the nightlife really does live up to the hype...and where a girl can find the BEST cheesesteak in town.


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