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Ixcela Launches Over-the-Counter Gut Health Test and Sophisticated Internal Wellness Program


Today, Ixcela: The Internal Fitness™ Company focused on gut health and wellness, announced the general availability of its over the counter gut health test and internal wellness program. With this launch, consumers gain access to science-based, at-home gut microbiome testing, tailored dietary recommendations and supplements, including probiotics, all designed to bolster gut bacteria, reduce the potential for illness and disease, and increase well-being. The launch comes on the heels of a highly successful collaboration with the professional athletes of ORACLE TEAM USA at this year’s America’s Cup. Proven to reduce injury and illness, and increase overall performance in world class athletes, Ixcela is now introducing its testing kit and gut health program to anyone looking to improve their health.

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The Ixcela approach is focused on restoring internal health by self-administering an advanced, yet simple, pin-prick test which identifies key metabolite levels associated with the gut microbiome that are out of balance. The company analyzes a blood drop sample and assists with the restoration of key molecules to their proper levels through a personalized program based on individual results.

Ixcela’s product selection includes:

  • Ixcela Assess: Features an initial gut microbiome test kit, personal Internal Fitness report and profile, and the materials to take the next step to improve and maintain internal health; available for $299.
  • Ixcela Complete: Available for a one-time payment of $505 or 6-month minimum payment plan of $99 per month; comprised of three test kits to analyze the balance of gut microbiome every three months with recommended monthly supply of personalized supplements, progress tracking to ensure the safety and health of each participant, dietary and internal fitness recommendations, personal Internal Fitness report and profile and a 6-month subscription to WellnessOptions Journal.

“No two people are the same but it is clear that modern diets, lifestyles and antibiotics have significantly damaged our gut microbiome, leaving many susceptible to illness and even chronic disease. We are deeply committed to developing research-based solutions at Ixcela, and a personalized approach to gut health has been shown to significantly improve long-term health,” said Erika Ebbel Angle, Co-Founder and CEO of Ixcela. “Now available to the public, this program bridges the gap between gut health and overall health by correcting the balance of biochemistry and microbes populating our bodies at an individual level, and achieving what we call internal health.”

For a variety of lifestyle related reasons, the body’s internal biochemistry can be moved from a healthy balanced state to a state that can impact overall health, and in extreme cases, lead to chronic disease. By measuring a variety of key metabolites, Ixcela can assess the availability of the building blocks each body requires for good internal health, including: Gastrointestinal Fitness, Immuno Fitness, Emotional Balance, Cognitive Acuity, and Energetic Efficiency. Because the biochemistry of the microbiome has direct links to the function of multiple organs, including the brain, understanding the interconnectivity of these health indicators allows for the therapeutic intervention through supplementation, as well as modifications to diet and exercise.

“Ixcela is truly revolutionary and different from many gut health companies, because it is addressing a growing health problem with solutions backed by hard science and decades of research,” said Scott Tindal, Head Physiotherapist & Team Nutritionist at ORACLE RACING TEAM USA for 2017 America’s Cup Campaign. “Watching the athletes of ORACLE TEAM USA respond so positively to the Ixcela program, it was clear to me that it works, and is different than anything else currently on the market.”

While many of the current gut health solutions on the market are built upon presumptions, Ixcela is tapping into existing scientific research and published studies to determine the best way to measure and analyze the microbiome. Ixcela is changing the landscape of gut health by approaching it through the lens of science, demonstrating that making small changes early-on can impact overall health not only in the short term, but also, over a lifetime.

Additional information on Ixcela’s partnership with the professional athletes of ORACLE TEAM USA can be found here and here.

For more information on Ixcela and product offerings, please visit Ixcela.com.

About Ixcela
Co-founded by Dr’s Erika Ebbel Angle and Wayne Matson, Ixcela is the leading internal health company. Ixcela helps you measure and improve internal wellness. The company’s primary mission is the promotion and facilitation of gut health through easy measurement of an individual’s biochemical state of several key metabolites, recommendation regarding dietary habits, and proprietary tailored supplements. Ixcela is located in Bedford, MA. More information is available at Ixcela.com.

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